Love or Loathe: Ashley Benson’s H&M Opening Look

Darlings, you know my philosophy on underwear: it is meant to be worn under your clothing (as the name so clearly suggests), and not out on parade as faux-couture. I’m perplexed, then, that I think I like the outfit that¬†Ashley Benson’s¬†wore to the opening of H&M’s 5th Avenue flagship, despite the clear presence of exposed lingerie.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Ash, a celebrity spokesmodel for H&M, looks sleek in the all black ensemble, and the lace top takes an outfit that could possibly border on ho hum to super sexy territory. What’s more is that the Pretty Little Liars star perfectly accessorized the look with an uber-sparkly necklace and a bag by featured designer Jeff Koons. All in all, the look is both subtle and slimming, and appropriate for the occasion.

To give it my stamp of approval, but still follow my fashion rules, perhaps I should view the bra as a crop top tastefully covered with lace. Actually, what am I thinking? I need not justify my fashion approvals to you, minions.

Though I am curious about your take on this ensemble. Tell me, darlings, what do you think of Ash’s look?


  1. Louise Said:

    I love it, it’s so chic, yet so bold and statement like!

  2. Cristianne Said:

    I think she pulls it off. It’s not super skin bearing, I think the way she put her outfit together is perfect. I’m all about the black on black on black.

  3. Tamar Said:

    Love her and her look

  4. patrick Said:

    there is too much going on! and what is with the miss match jewelry?

  5. me Said:

    The gold belt and silver necklace don’t go well

  6. me Said:

    I mean they don’t go well together, individually they would’ve been great :)

  7. Jewels Said:

    Love it! I would normally say wearing lace like this is trashy but she pulled it perfectly.

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