Love or Loathe: Ashley Greene

Spotted: Ashley Greene arriving to the premiere of her new film with Zach Braff, Wish I Was Here, in a white Alexander McQueen dress and white Christian Louboutin pumps. And I feel very whateverish about it.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Apparently, judging by her confused and slightly afraid expression, Ash herself agrees. While the dress is well tailored and shows off her fabulous legs, It’s just kind of blah for me, minions. The long sleeves and high neck conspire to make this dress one large white rectangle. Perhaps a fun pendant necklace would’ve spiced it up, or a pair of killer shoes and coordinating clutch, but as it is, her accessories don’t add much. Even a bold bright lip would’ve added some interest, but alas.

Do you like her clean and simple style, or do you too wish she had added a few pops of color (it is summer, after all)?


  1. Nuzhat Said:

    What was she thinking?!

  2. Joanna Said:

    This dress works for me as long as she wears it with other shoes.

  3. Pepper Said:

    I really think she should have worn some lipstick with a bit more colour, the nude just doesn’t work for her when wearing so much white

  4. Lauren E Kirk Said:

    Dress was cute. Simplicity was elegant. I couldn’t get over how bad her feet looked in those shoes. It aged her and made her look so unsure. A higher, brighter, more fabulous heel would have gone a long way.

  5. Jewels Said:

    Wow this outfit is all over the place. Her modern hair doesnt work with the classic dress. Shoes are horrible. Needs some kind of jewelry; nothing heavy. Brighter lips. The only thing I do like is the dress . It is tailored perfectly! She looks very pretty in general, the outfit is bad.

  6. Jewels Said:

    I just noticed the top of her shoes are see through…

  7. Nikkie Said:

    I love the consept of it all but it doesn’t work out at all. She needs an other pair of shoes. A higher one for sure. Her feet look terrible. I like a nude lipstic with that look but she chose the wrong color. A bold lip would be great too.

  8. Josie Said:

    I think she looks flawless. The dress fits her perfectly and the shoes are paired nicely. I think it’s an overall effortless look.

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