Love or Loathe: Cara Delevingne

Rarely do I pose an L or L about a person–usually I ask your opinion about trends, products or films, but model/socialite Cara Delevingne keeps popping up on my radar that I can’t help but address her (baffling) popularity. I first heard of the British It Girl as one of Harry Styles many conquests and assumed that her “modeling” career was about as prestigious as Courtney Stodden’s, but lo and behold, she’s actually legitimately sought after, strutting in Paris Fashion Week and is the face of Chanel’s Resort 2013 campaign.

But let’s take a closer look at that face, shall we? I’m not a fan of this new ultra-bushy brow trend, nor do I delight in her yellow teeth and never-ending supply of fugly beanies. And what is that hand sign, Cara? Do you know that means “I love you” in sign language? Ooo how edgy! Darling, you aren’t some random model plucked from Chik-Fil-A at a mall food court who can just jaunt about dressed like Justin Bieber–your English family has standing and stature. So while I’ll let you be bold and edgy, please do so in proper hats and with the occasional Crest White Strip, mmkay? Merci.

Do you think CD has what it takes to be the next Naomi or Heidi? Or is she just a flash in the fashion pan?

Cara Delevingne



  1. Liam Payne Said:

    She looks like a dude

  2. Blake Lively Said:

    I just can’t understand her popularity.

  3. Madiline Said:

    Um….She looks like a man.

    Xoxo M

  4. BW Said:

    She will totally last. She is different, dresses her age and how other 20 year olds would in the uk, and she is herself. Even if the fashion industry didn’t like how she dresses normally (which in the uk they appreciate) she would dress exactly how she wanted. This article is way too judgemental and based upon one persons personal style not on the fashion industry in general.

  5. Harry Styles Said:

    Am I the only one to like her?

  6. Lve Said:

    Umm don’t believe this photo is anywhere close to a legitimate representation of her. She is GORGEOUS. Google is a thing – use it.

  7. Bec Said:

    I dearly hope she is gone soon… This little girl is NOT an Angel.

  8. Jacey Carter Said:

    Hate the eyebrows. Don’t understand how she can be a model and there are so many girls that look like a model and aren’t. Don’t see the appeal at all.

  9. Danie Said:

    I just love her!! I think she has a great style and she’s not like any other model. She’s different and that’s why she’s so popular!

  10. Mis Said:

    Ewww really?!?!?!

  11. psycho killer Said:


  12. Deniz Said:

    She looks elegant and sexy on the runway BUT not so much in real life, she does look like a dude, a very ugly dude. Her eyebrows are waaayy too thick and she also starred in Anne Karenina!, as the innocent looking bitch

  13. Maria Said:

    Yeaa, don’t really understand all the hype about her. She’s cute and I like her eyebrows sort of, but they’res something off putting about her. Anyways, I don’t really like her and her behavior

  14. xoxo Said:

    Really?!?! She is NOT the new It Girl… I know this is not her only picture in her whole life, but OMG! She looks like a guy!!!

    PS: Sorry if my english is not very well, but I speak spanish originally…. Thnx.

  15. Kalyn Said:

    I don’t mind her. I hate her brows, but otherwise, she is very beautiful when she gets made up. She seems like a pretty cool girl, but in most pictures, she looks like a guy…

  16. Lily Said:

    She’s making a pretty big splash in the fashion industry. Her most recent work is really good. I hope to see even more from her.

  17. Josie Said:

    Ok this photo was probably found on google under ‘ugliest photo of cara delevigne’ she is gorgeous and this is not a good picture of her, she is normally very stylish and well dressed

  18. Norah Said:

    She is so gorgeous!! Trust me. They picked the worst photo of her!

  19. Carolin Bock Said:

    hihi :)

  20. ggada Said:

    thats a bad picture of her,but it would be a lie if i said i liked her..

  21. valentina Said:

    For me cara delevingne is one of the best models nowadays.She is a different model, who doesn’t seem to care about what others think and is original, original enough to let he brows grow and not be like a barbie, and although maybe she doesn’t look too good in that photo no one is nice in all the photos they appear, and althoguh she may come from a posh family and has to take care of her image, she also knows how to have fun and she works really hard as she is in most of the brands catwalks.

  22. Audrey Huxley Said:

    She looks so good at photoshoots but in real life she seems to be complitely different person. Beauty and the beast.

  23. Ella Said:

    I think she is pretty, but her eyebrows are terrible. She definitely should dress better for her social status and job, though.

  24. jgossip Said:

    ewww, hate her eyebrows and her face! what a dude

  25. Jess Said:

    I love the brows and she is quite diverse, however she tries way too hard to stand out and seem edgy. Personally I think it is all an act to try and be the new Kate Moss (which will never happen). Cara is a good model but no way she is good enough to be compared with the models of the 90s.

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