Love or Loathe: Chloe Moretz at the If I Stay Premiere

If I Stay looks like a girly, sappy, Hallmark Channel-esque experience, and I’m not sure that Chloe Moretz’s look at the film’s premiere last night was any better:

Chloe Moretz "If I Stay" New York Premiere

Brad Barket/Getty Images

This pastel embroidered Miu Miu shirtdress makes her look like an Easter egg your grandmother might particularly like. It’s an odd mix of both dowdy and mod, and her ultra shiny Miu Miu shoes don’t jive with the rest of the look.

Personally, I must give this look the thumbs down, same with the movie even though I have no intention of seeing it.

Perhaps if it were late March and I was itching for spring this look be more appealing, but it seems a strange choice for late summer. What’s your opinion on CM’s look? And will you be queueing up for her new flick?


  1. Cam Said:

    Thumbing down a movie you haven’t seen. Thank you Gene Siskel.

  2. Tired Said:

    I think it would have looked a WHOLE lot better if there was a belt in the middle and it kind of flowed out-like an A line dress

  3. Lynn morley Said:

    I say hit again. This shape is very in right now and I think the dress is interesting. I would wear this for sure. Good textures and patter mixes. And I think the shoes are simple enough to work well. She takes chances with her styles, you can never say she’s boring.

  4. Lynn morley Said:

    *the hair and makeup is also ON POINT*

  5. Misha Said:

    I dont understand the fact that you simply consider the ovie not worth watching. Do you even have the abiity to pick up a boo and harbor non-hater feelings? Sheesh. Wouldn’t you wish you were walking any other type of carpet besides the one in your house- that is if you have any.

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