Love or Loathe: Emma Stone in Dolce & Gabbana

Spotted: Emma Stone in a long-sleeved floral printed Dolce & Gabbana dress at the premiere of her new movie Magic in the Moonlight, which I’ve never heard of but since it’s by Woody Allen I am 100% certain I won’t be seeing it.

Emma’s BF Andrew Garfield accompanied her to the soiree, and their look was…well…see for yourself:

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Andrew let me address you first. That beard is just a no. True, it makes you look less like a gawky lightbulb, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Did the Moonlight turn you into a werewolf, or something?

As for you Em, I first thought I was looking at Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine fame. I feel like I’m looking at a much younger version of my grandmother, or at least someone who has raided her closet. Oh, what am I saying–my gran only wears St. John and Chanel  suits.

The dress also makes Em look blocky and shapeless, which she’s so not. I do enjoy her shoes and her hair, though. Perhaps if the dress was tea-length (again with this, I know) or the sleeves were shorter or the neckline lower or literally any skin was showing, I’d approve it. But i’m still on the fence about this floral.

What say you, minions? Do you love Spidey and his lady’s style? Or is this look anything but magical?


  1. Den Said:

    The ignorance of people!! What piece of retarded assh0le avoids watching a Woody Allen’s film…and you pretend to know a sh!t about media… You can’t deny you’re amuuurican.

  2. Pauline Said:

    I love that dress sooo hot omg I want it so bad

  3. Nuzhat Said:

    WTF Andrew?!Emma looks a bit too modest,but not bad.But I really,REALLY don’t know what made Andrew do this to himself.He resembles my crush,so I always take pleasure staring at him.But now that he’s doing shit like this I don’t think I want to look at him.

  4. Kalyn Said:

    If the dress was shorter, knee length, I’d think it were really pretty. I think the length is awkward. And Andrew definitely needs a shave. He looks like he misplaced his plaid shirt and axe and borrowed someone elses suit.

  5. Naj Said:

    Reminds me of an amish couple :O

  6. Auraria Steele Said:

    I actually really love the dress! Just the shoes seem to throw it off for me. Some cute black pumps or even maybe a similar blue would have really made this outfit pop for me.

  7. Rebecca Said:

    Horrible dress, but if she HAD to wear it she needed more colour in her make up, a bold burgundy lip would have made so much difference. She looks like a 60 year old indie, terrible, terrible, terrible. Andrew Garfield should not grow a beard either, looks awful.

  8. Jewels Said:

    Love the dress, it should be slightly shorter; It is an awkward length in general. Maybe a thin belt and different shoes. The top of the dress fits her perfectly. The lumberjack beard is “in style” right now but his is not groomed properly.

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