Love or Loathe: Jessica Szohr at the ESPYs

When I first spotted Jessica Szohr at last night’s ESPY Awards in LA, I was tempted to declare her ensemble an OMFGorgeous. She’s just such a natural beauty, that she could wear a (designer) paper bag and look fab. The more I saw, though, the less I liked. Observe:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Actually I take that back–I don’t hate this outfit. It doesn’t even make enough of an impression to hate. It’s just kind of there. While I do think she pulled off the crop-and-skirt combo (no easy feat), I think the choice of a grey top was underwhelming, despite it fitting with the ESPYs sporty vibe. The whole outfit feels a bit thrown together and blah, and I just do not understand what’s going on with her hair…

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Overall, Jess doesn’t look bad, certainly, but I would have loved to see a more fun and feminine top to pair with that gorgeous skirt, and some more standout accessories.

What do you think, minions: was the bold choice of mixing a sporty top with a floral skirt a big red carpet score, or a ESPYs blooper?


  1. Jessica Said:

    I don’t disagree with the fact of a better hair style but on the contrary I think it portrays a sense of comfortabity. Not many women can pull off such a hair style as Jessica’s. My overall opinion on her outfit of choice is simply well formed. For instance, the color in her shoes simply draws my attention to her accessories such as her ring. The necklace she chose was elegant but not outweighing the pattern of her top and skirt. Putting the pattern of the top with the floral skirt is refreshing

  2. wbw Said:

    love it

  3. Betty Said:


  4. Ksenia Said:

    I think, this outfit is very unusual and…cheeky. J look so hot and pretty!
    But personally, I could not wear such clothes

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