Love or Loathe: Keira Knightley

Last night I spied Keira Knightley in a Valentino frock at the premiere for her new movie, Begin Again, and while I’m quite sure I’ll hate the movie (I feel that she’s best suited to period pieces and nothing else), I am not so certain about how I feel about her look…

Keira Knightley

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Eh. I’m not crazy about it. Chinoiserie-esque embroidery, like the bird detailing on this gown, nor do I particularly enjoy the sheer overlay which is bunching at her elbow. But, this look is classic Keira–ladylike and slightly retro–so snaps to her for sticking to her signature style.

But, I do wish that perhaps something different had been done with her hair–as it is, it looks lank and mousy but would’ve been cute in a chic chignon, don’t you think? And what are your thoughts on her shoes? Oh that’s right, you can’t see them. Perhaps I’d have liked this dress better if it were tea-length (you know how I adore tea-length) but it feels too dark and heavy for a summer soiree.

Tell me your feelings on KK’s latest look! And do you think her latest flick will be a cheesy dud or will you still queue up to watch Adam Levine for two hours, no matter what?


  1. mcflarry Said:

    personally, I think it looks great, you know GG, not everybody has to obey to your fashion rules. If they did, every one would be wearing, admittedly fabulous, identical clothes.

  2. Adele Said:


  3. Juliana Said:

    I like the dress. The color compliments her hair and skin color. I even like the idea of the birds on it. It looks more like a fall/winter than the middle of summer dress. The fit in the arms is horrible though.

  4. MX Said:

    LOVE it! She looks great

  5. chy Said:

    She looks absolutely great! You’re just jealous cause you won’t look as good her with that dress.

  6. Chels Said:

    It looks lovely! :)

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