Love or Loathe: Michelle Trachtenberg

Considering I love glitzy gowns, glam 70s style and a head-turning neckline, you’d think I’d adore Michelle Trachtenberg’s look from the Critic’s Choice Awards. But I very much don’t.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

This Alice + Olivia look probably looked fab on the hanger when her stylist brought it over, but it does nothing for her figure. For one, it’s poorly tailored. Bringing up the hemline would give it a more polished look, but I’d actually advocate shearing it off to tea-length to give her figure more balance. I’m also tempted to yank up that neckline so she’s showing just a tad less cleavage. But, I do love her hair, purse and especially her makeup–the raisin-colored smokey eye makes her green eyes pop so if you too have emerald eyes, I’d suggest stealing this look ASAP!

What’s your opinion on MT’s red carpet style? Do you want to love it but just don’t (as I do) or are you giving this two very enthusiastic thumbs up?


  1. s Said:

    The dress does not agree with her figure tyoe, it makes her look bigger than she possibly is.

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