Love or Loathe: Naya Rivera

I believe that Naya Rivera is one of the most underrated beauties in Hollywood. But I’m not sure if her latest look at the Carolina Herrera store opening in LA is helping or hurting her cause…

naya rivera


While I do quite fancy her look–although the hemline should be shorter on those pants–NR seems to look more like a surgerized Real Housewife of Miami than her usual sultry self. Something about her makeup and hair is conspiring to make her look older than she really is, do you not agree minions?

Or, is the Glee star’s latest sartorial offering perfectly on point?

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  1. Mannie Said:

    Way to much make-up, she is much prettier without or little of it!

  2. Emma Said:

    It’s the hair too. She has a 5-head.

  3. C Said:

    Agree with gossip girl

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