Love or Loathe: Olivia Palermo

For many, Olivia Palermo can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. She wears pleated shorts that make her look like Milhouse from The Simpsons? The angels sing! She posts a totally pretentious vid announcing her engagement? It Girls everywhere swoon! Well I am not one of those sheep, blindly applauding every step she takes. I, as we know, am hard to impress.

But I find myself unable to reach a decision about her latest look from the Yves Saint Laurent premiere at the Museum Of Modern Art last night. She donned¬†a green perforated skirt, artistic shell, cropped jacket and tribal accessories. On paper, it sounds simply divine. But IRL…?

olivia palermo

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

For some reason, I just don’t adore this outfit and I blame the skirt. I have never liked skirts with an overlay–I think they break up the line of the outfit, look cheap (especially in this material) and make legs look shorter. Plus, it sits way too high on her body. Liv looks like she’s short-waisted, and for girls with such a shape you usually want to let a garment sit on your hips rather than your natural waistline otherwise your look disproportionate and blocky. Perhaps if the dress had been a little bigger and allowed to sit lower, I’d like it better.

But again, technically¬†she’s doing everything right, especially when it comes to the fun accessories that artfully mix prints but keep to the same tonal family.

What’s your take on her look? Totally enviable or just sort of okay?


  1. MX Said:

    I don’t really like it. Usually she looks great, but this doesn’t fit her. However, it could also be the photo.

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