Love or Loathe: Teen Choice Awards Edition

There were quite a few questionable styles at the Teen Choice Awards. And while I’m always one to have an opinion, I can’t quite decipher my feelings on these looks…

Jordin Sparks

Jordy, I know you want to show off you streamlined new body, but…

Jordin Sparks Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This looks like it was made from The Golden Girls’ set furniture. No part of these pants are flattering and the crop is too skimpy to balance out the pants. The whole look just seems to try way too hard, whereas her hair isn’t really doing enough. But strangely, I don’t totally hate it. I mean, who doesn’t love The Golden Girls?

Zendaya Coleman

I have long since given up the hope that Z may wear something normal to an event. And here’s why…

Zendaya Coleman Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Press Room

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On one hand, she looks like a Bai Ling impersonator. Not hot. But on the other, there’s something kind of sexily deranged about her outfit that brought a little spark to the TCA’s. What say you about this zebra look–insanely out there or hilariously cool?

Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Ditto those clunky shoes and ubiquitous white dress. Remember when Taylor Swift came out with Red and she literally only wore red outfits and red lipstick until someone (me) staged an intervention? I feel like Ari is going down the same path with 60s-esque white dresses. Just because that was the theme of her video/album cover doesn’t mean it needs to continue IRL.

But, this LWD is fine and flattering and non offensive. It’s just not new or interesting. Do you think AG is in a serious style rut or do you like this Fembot vibe she’s got going on?


  1. Jess Said:

    i loled wih the ariana comment.

    And i agree, she is BEAUTIFUL, but im so done with her hairstyle, is like a 12 years old. She needs a makeover urgently.

  2. Trista Said:

    Ariana wears her hair like that because she looks horrible who any other style

  3. Ashley Said:

    I absolutely LOVE Ari’s style. She always looks amazing, and her hairstyle, she wears it like that because it is what makes her most comfortable. It’s hair. People need to stop judging her by her hairstyle. She overall looks amazing.

  4. Andra Said:

    That is probably her signature style.

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