Love or Loathe: Victoria Justice

Spotted: Victoria Justice at last night’s Teen Vogue event celebrating Chloe “Oh, She Still Exists?” Moretz’s 16th birthday. I asked V who she was wearing and nearly spit out my drink when she revealed the answer: “The dress is Misguided and the shoes are Aldo.”

Um, I think that dress designer is living up to their name:

victoria justice


It’s not that it’s ill-fitting or unflattering but there’s something just…off¬†about V’s ensemble. It looks slightly cheap and slightly trashy, and VJ is neither one of those things. In fact — and you know I hate to compliment anyone other than myself — V is one of the prettiest starlets on the scene. But her style needs some work. Or at least this outfit does.

What would you change about her look? Or is VJ reigning victorious over the red carpet once again?


  1. Faih208 Said:

    LOATHE!She reminds me of catwoman!

  2. psychokiller Said:

    I would change her entire outfit and I would wipe a layer of her make-up off with Kleenex.

  3. Tiiff Said:

    The top and the skirt DO NOT match AT ALL!! She could have done amazing things with that leather skirt…Such a waste.

  4. xxbarbiebitchxx Said:

    Loathe! She is always nice dressed, what happened Vic?

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