Watch: Lucy Hale Perform “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Once upon a time, I thought that Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale was a girl after my own heart. That is, a city It Girl who felt at home on the streets of Paris, London or Manhattan. But apparently I was wrong–little Lu is a Tennessee girl at heart and is determined to become the next big country star.

Last night one of my minions insisted that I turn on the CMA Christmas special (aka country music people crooning about tractors and Santa and moonshine and raccoons or whatever) and lo and behold, Lucy was performing! Our adorable PLL did her version of the classic holiday hit, ”Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” and believe me dolls, she certainly had her work cut out considering Mariah Carey made the song famous…and her voice isn’t easily topped. Let’s see how Lucy did…

Quelle surprise, darlings–Lucy seems to have a good ear and decent voice, although I’m definitely not on board with the fact that Hanson‘s Christmas album is her favorite holiday CD….

What do you think of LH’s attempt to transition to country music? Will she be the new Queen of Nashville? Or does A need to keep her far, far away from the stage?



  1. Linzee Said:

    Lucy is purely amazing!

  2. jwen8012 Said:

    LOVE IT. She actually has a voice unlike half the posers in the music industry these days.
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. prettymomi Said:


  4. ash Said:

    Fantastic performance, I’m excited to see where she goes in her musical career! She is not fat all, but I have to say this dress does not flatter her figure whatsoever…

  5. Y Said:

    Leighton’s version is better

  6. Arantxa Said:

    I N C R E D I B L E

  7. Barbi Said:

    She is pretty talented.It was a really good performance.

  8. Val Said:

    She is very talented, love her voice. It’s pretty good!

  9. Mary Said:

    Prettymami please use glasses woman. You are such an ass hole. She isn´t fat at all, she is perfectly fit but i agree that that dress does’t flatter her very much. I love her voice she sings very well hopefully she succeeds in music.

  10. Sunny :-) Said:

    om heaven’s sake the first time that you write about a singer,,, hehehe
    So please make an investigation times if everything alright in there in the brain because my cat makes a lot funnier things one day and you do not even get together in a year,,,,,,,

  11. Alyssa Said:

    I love her!! Her voice, her talent. And she does seem to have a decent voice. And doesnt use autotunes, like the others..

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