Lucy Hale Designing A Line For Hollister

Lucy Hale better grab some extra paper–her resume is starting to get awfully long. Not only is the Pretty Little Liars star an actress and aspiring country singer, she’s also dipping her perfect pedicure into fashion design!

Lu has teamed up with Hollister for a So-Cal inspired clothing line that will hit the shelves August 8–just in time for a little back to boarding school shopping.

“I am so fortunate to be working with Hollister on this collaboration. It is an exciting time for the brand and it has been an unforgettable experience being able to design quality clothes that reflect a Southern California lifestyle,” Lucy said in a statement  “I definitely lean more towards a laidback look, which makes my style a great match for Hollister. I wanted to create carefree outfits that effortlessly transition from a coffee run to going out.”

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If I bought my own coffee, I’m sure I’d appreciate an outfit that let me grab a latte and jet off to a gala, but clearly, my style doesn’t exactly lend itself to such do-it-all styles. But in ultra chillax LA, I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable to throw on a pair of high-waist jorts (or whatever they sell at Hollister, it’s not exactly my personal shopper’s go-to) no matter what the occasion or errand.

I’m sure Lucy’s styles will be lovely, but I wonder if this is the right step for her, considering she’s aching to become a country star. Do you think folks in Nashville will be confused about her SoCal collabo, or can an It Girl be a beach babe one day and a honky tonk hottie the next?


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