Lucy Hale Shows Off Her Beach Body…and Boyfriend!

Just the other day Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale professed to Lucky magazine that she’s single, but my, how things can change in the time it takes a monthly mag to hit the stands, eh darlings? I spied LH with her new boy toy Graham Rogers  hitting the beach in Hawaii. And I must say, I am impressed by what I see…

Click Here to See The Pics!

Super cute bikini? Check. Fab figure? Check. Blonde BF with six-pack abs? Check. So far Lucy has all the makings of a magical vacay, but riddle me this minions: will Lucy’s summer love last or will she soon again be crushing on Steve Carrell? Yuck.


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  1. Tiahna Said:

    i really highly doubt Lucy Hale is single! especially if she’s hanging out with a guy like Graham! :) xox

  2. dan Said:

    This is unbelievable, a young attractive woman on a beach wearing a bikini, surely this did not really happen.

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