First Listen: Lucy Hale’s First Single “You Sound Good To Me”

While I do enjoy horseback riding in cute boots or sitting on the porch sipping ice cold drinks in the Hamptons, I am by no means a country girl. Give me chauffeurs and town cars, not pickup trucks; a delish martini over beer (ick!); and a cozy fire in my penthouse, not outside. But I have been known to enjoy some country music every now and then–that’s IF you count Taylor Swift. But now I might have to add Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale to the list.

Her debut single “You Sound Good To Me” was just released, and–confession–I kind of like it, ya’ll! Listen below:

Maybe I’m just biased because I love her on PLL, but I think it’s fun. What do you think? Is she the next T.Swizzle or should she just focus on finding out who A is?


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  1. mayde Said:

    I like the song! I’m fan of pll too and it’s not an amaizing song just a good song!!

  2. MB Said:

    Personally I think it’s cute,

  3. -A Said:

    I like it,she’s a really good singer but she is no Tswift but she does have potential she should focus on being a liar then a singer tbh

  4. Alison Said:

    I kinda like it but she is definitely not the next Taylor Swift. Tay is in a league of her own (country speaking) and with the greats in all of music!

  5. TN Said:

    LOVE IT :) amazing song!! BIG FAN OF LUCY HALE!!!

  6. K Said:

    It sounds like it would be better if it was slowed down a little, sounds like shes rushing it.

  7. María Mora Said:

    a good singer doesnt need to seem like others, Lucy Hale will never be as TSwift coz Lucy has her own personality, her own voice, she’s different and she’s so so good. Also Taylor is. Good luck! I’ll follow her from Spain

  8. Coco Said:

    I even think it sounds more country than Taylor Swift does now. It’s not extraordinary or something, but hey, that’s country :)

  9. Camilla Said:

    I love her! The song isn’t the best I’ve ever heard but her voice is great and she deserves to be at the centre of attention!

  10. jto Said:

    i thought it was amazing. she could definitely be the next taylor swift. best song ever

  11. Nicola Said:

    I think she is closer to Carrie Underwood than Taylor Swift.

  12. Alina Said:

    Lucy is a great singer, and being the next Taylor Swift would be an insult to all the work she’s done.

  13. Padhi Said:

    I love her voice.. when I saw her the first time in the movie cinderella story – once upon a song I fell in love with it

  14. Megan Said:

    I love her on pll shes my favorite one out of the 5 of them and i love her voice but im sorry to say im not a big fan of the song :/ maybee when her album is out id like one of the other songs much better

  15. haleswift Said:

    I love Lucy and taylor both very much. And I think Lucy has it to become a great and talented countrysinger because she is just flawless.
    But Taylor is the country star at the moment and I dont think you should compare them, because they are both very different in their style. I love this song and y’all shoudl wait for hem album because that is gonna be A-MA-ZING.

  16. -T Said:

    I like the country sound on her !

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