Scene & Heard: Lucy Hale’s Creepy Crushes

“I’m single for the first time since I was 16. I love Mark Wahlberg. Robert Downey Jr. is my ultimate. And I think Steve Carell is so sexy. [But for now] I like being single.”Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, who graces the cover of this month’s Lucky magazine, admits that her crushes are always on older–and married–actors.

lucy hale lucky magazine


LUCY OMFG WTF. Mark Wahlberg, yes, I will give you that. He may be 36 inches tall, but that beefy physique and quietly sexy voice ruffles my feathers, too.

mark wahlberg


But those other two? Mais non, Lucy!

Does this PLL beauty need to find some crushes her own age? Or do you also lust over Hollywood’s senior set?



  1. Dee Said:

    She definitely need to find some crushes on her own age.

  2. Sam Said:

    Robert Downey Jr is yummo! Nothing wrong with him and nothing wrong with having crushes on those kind of guys when your young. I’m only a year older than her and when I was younger than I am now I had crushes on people like johnny depp and george clooney, aint nothing wrong with that!

  3. Blair Said:

    she needs to get a guy her age or get some crushes her age

  4. Nora Said:

    loooove all of them

  5. Clarissa Said:

    What’s wrong with Robert downey jr? He’s unbelievably hot! And there’s nothing wrong with havjng a crush on someone older than you, I’m 19 and Robert downey jr is my crush too, but it’s not like I’m gonna go out with him and destroy his marriage, it’s just a crush!

  6. Mariana Said:

    I think that Robert Downey Jr. is seriusly HOT!!! I love him and he is my crush!!

  7. Arwa Said:

    Mark Wahlberg & Robert Downey Jr. are just too HOT.. I have a crush on them too..

  8. Maria Magdalena Said:

    A crush in her own age is probably better but I can’t blame her for crushing on older actors. I like Zachary Levi and he is 32 while I’m 19.

  9. Starkster Said:

    What the hell is wrong with you? Robert Downey Jr. is one of the sexiest men alive right now and you’re dissing him? Okay this website is fucking bogus. And who cares if she likes older men? Not fucking creepy though when older men like younger women right? Or when younger me like older women.

    Fuck this.

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