Hot Mess: Lupita Nyong’o at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Poor Lupita Nyong’o. She has beauty, talent, awards and a very bright future…and unfortunately she also has a team of stylists who secretly hate her. How else can we explain her bizarre and unflattering CFDA Fashion Awards look?

lupita nyong'o 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals


Oh Lupita why WHY! You are so long and lithe and lovely and can pull off any look–except for this one, for no one can. It reminds me of an outfit my Aunt Nan wears around Palm Beach. She calls it “kicky.” I call it a family tragedy.

And I’m afraid Lupita’s crop-top and crop-trouser look from Suno is no different. Unflattering, bizarre and totally out of place at the CFDAs, there isn’t one single thing about this outfit that I can tolerate. While I’m all for her mixing prints and donning bold patterns, this is just over the top and dreadful. But, I strangely do not hate her blue eyeshadow. And that’s literally the only good thing I can say about this.

Are you feeling a bit more rosy towards her frenetic, frumpy ensemble? Or do you think that between this look and her garish, costumey Met Gala look, LN needs to replace her stylists STAT?


  1. Little J Said:

    She rocks this.

  2. Jadee Said:

    she looks really. I just notice that you just insult fashion styles that are not in your own closet or something that you would wear. Just because this isn’t your style doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. you just like the whole cookie-cutter fashion diva styles like tight dresses and sparkly anything. be more objective.

  3. mcflarry Said:

    actually her eyeshadow makes her eyes look droopy, but the clothes are tolerable, although not very flattering or very beautiful…

  4. Lieke Said:

    She looks amazing! I absolutely love this outfit, especially on her!

  5. eugenia Said:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s her style or not. It is NOT a flattering outfit for her (or anyone I believe)because it makes her legs look short and chunky when they are actually not at all.

  6. Alicia Said:

    She should fire her stylist too much going on with that outfit

  7. mimzy Said:

    She needs to fire her stylists and find better ones

  8. Ambrosia Said:

    Would have LOVED this look, had it been a short and sassy dress instead of a pantsuit!

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