Love or Loathe: Lupita Nyong’o’s White Cutout Dress at the Critics’ Choice Awards

I’ve got my eye on Lupita Nyong’o, the chic and stunning 12 Years a Slave actress who has taken the 2014 awards show scene by storm already. If you hadn’t heard of her before, it’s because this movie role–which she already nabbed an OSCAR nomination for, NBD–is her first. After all, she only recently graduated from Yale’s drama school.

Anyway, last night, she won in the Best Supporting Actress category at the Critics’ Choice Awards beating out Jennifer Lawrence (sorry J.Law, looks like your sweep may be over…), Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Oprah, and some old lady who I don’t know but I’m sure is perfectly lovely.

And she did it all in this OMFGorgeous white Calvin Klein gown:

 Lupita N'yongo


While I think she looks great and has the makings of a red carpet It Girl, I can’t help but feel that the dress belongs at a summer soiree, not an event taking place in January (even though my LA minions swear it’s 80 degrees there. Pfft…)

But, what do you guys think? Am I being too old-school about seasons and fashion or do some things–like the no white after Labor Day rule–never go out of style? XOXO


  1. Starlett Said:

    Have to agree! She should have gone for something more of a “Wow” factor dress..

  2. Diana Brown Said:

    She looks beautiful! Listen to you LA Minions?

  3. Andi Said:

    It is mid 70s-80s there. Their “winter” is our early summer. She can’t wear white because winter is in people’s heads? Geez. Let her be great.

  4. kate Said:

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