WTF Alert: Madonna Wears a Grill

It would be less offensive if Madonna, who is–55 years old–wore an actual barbecue grill rather than a Lil Jon-esque blinged-out mouth grill.



For one, this look hasn’t been cool since 2005 and even then, it was questionable. Two, she is 55 years old. Madge, you have a daughter who is almost ready to go off to college. Stop trying to recapture your youth–which lasted way longer than most people’s did anyway–and just settle into old age and irrelevance.

If I were Lourdes, I’d sign up for boarding school ASAP. Preferably somewhere with an airport too small to accommodate Madonna’s private jet. You know you love me…XOXO.

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  1. daniela Said:

    what has happened to her face?

  2. lacey Said:

    i don’t know how can you wake up in the morning and think ‘hmm i should put a grill on my teeth today!’ smh madonna.

  3. christoff Said:

    a) grillz are questionable indeed.
    b) grillz at 50+ just make it look like you have a bunch of gold-capped teeth like some sketchy pirate

    noot into it.

  4. David Said:

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  5. nuala Said:

    Those literally look like braces. Make it stop please

  6. Melinda Said:

    Wow she looks like a witch with that nose.

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