Cute or Ew: Madonna’s Armpit Hair

First, it was the grill. Then it was calling her son “Dis ni**a” on Instagram. Then it was defending that comment with the charming “Get off my dick, haters.” Now, Madonna has a new “thing which she thinks is edgy but is actually totally played out and just weird”: not shaving.

America is one of the few countries on the entire planet where women routinely keep their underarms fuzz-free. But if you live in the geriatric world of 55-year-old pop star Madonna, you falsely assume that if you stop shaving for a week, it’s completely shocking. 

The pathetically lame mom of three (four? Whatever) posted this oh-so-edgy photo on Instagram with the nonsensical caption: Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove

madonna armpit hair



My my, looks like someone just learned about hashtagging, n’est ce pas? What are those tags even supposed to mean? How does her ditching her weekly wax equate to a “revolution”? Ugh. Old people. So uncool and so terribly unaware of it.

But you know what, minions? I just took a closer look at this pic (gross) and am I the only one who thinks that this incredibly edgy artistic statement revolution freedom rebel body hair looks a little…faux? Could Madge have photoshopped some fur on herself? There’s just something about this pic that seems strange. And considering that it’s already strange enough for a middle-aged woman to post photos in a bondage bra, that’s saying something.

What’s your take on Madge’s latest look? Just as lame and eye-roll inducing as her grill, or that time she called her own son “this ni**a”?

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  1. TaylorS Said:

    Definitely a photoshopped.

  2. Misha Said:


  3. Ila Said:

    I think is ridiculous. A desperate call for attention indeed. I only don’t agree with your statements generalizing about “old people” being uncool and unaware of it. I’ve worked with elderly people in homes and most of them are super cool only by being themselves and giving all that knowledge that you cannot find even in books. They shouldn’t be judged by one celebrity making a fool if herself. Be well. :)

  4. Ih3artjm Said:

    Middle age? She is age/timeless. And what’s this representing? Who cares if one shaves their armpit hairs or not who cares what other people choose to do with their own bodies ? Why is this even a topic of discussion? What makes her cool is the fact that she is Madonna and no other person on earth can say the same. I expect the unexpected to be apart of the news just because she is Madonna. She did more news worthy outrageous things In the past but this?

  5. Brittany Said:

    She needs to stop with all this and be a old lady this shit is fuckin nasty

  6. Janet Said:

    While showing off her hairy pit looks kinda gross, Madonna is an expert at publicity. When she first started out, photos were published of her in Playboy with hairy pits. She probably discovered then how this could garner attention for herself, and is pulling out an old trick for some media coverage. However, all of the disrespectful comments by the writer regarding her age are needless and offensive. That ageism mentality is also foolish, as we all age and are insulting our future selves.

  7. sheldeer Said:

    Oh please, get real people! She’s a typical Italian from Detroit. What do you expect? She’s a piece of crap!

  8. matthew Said:

    Who cares? She fabulous & has stayed relevant for the past 30 years. She’s not doing things for shock value, like Gaga having someone puke on her on stage. There’s a difference between being artistic and thought provoking like Madonna & someone doing things shocking to stay in the headlines like some of the younger stars.

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