Scene & Heard: Maika Monroe on Kissing Zac Efron

“It’s weird! I grew up watching High School Musical, so to actually be making out with him was kind of surreal.”–At Any Price star Maika Monroe dishing on what it was like to lock lips with the hottest boy on two legs, Zac Efron.

zac efron maika monroe


Aw, poor Maika! It must have been so traumatic for you to cuddle up to your childhood crush! Surely there’s a support group for shaken-up starlets such as yourself.

In the meantime, my dear newcomer, if you need a tutorial on how to handle Hollywood’s A-listers, just swing by my penthouse. I have a delightful parlor I’d love to lock you in sit and have tea in while you tell me all about getting up close and personal with Z…XOXO.

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