Makeover Alert: Justin Bieber Cleans Up for Selena Gomez

No, darlings, this isn’t a Throwback Thursday photo of Justin Bieber. It appears as though the “Beauty and the Beat” singer is cleaning up his look… could Selena Gomez be the inspiration?

Justin Bieber haircut


JB snapped a mirror selfie in his ginormous bathroom, captioning the pic, “Ur boy got rid of his stash.” I’m sure it took a whole minute to shave off those little hairs, but Jussy, the effort was totally worth it.

This makeover comes right in the midst of Justin’s reunion with Sel, who just can’t seem to shake him off for good. Everyone knows you can’t change a man, but oh, is she trying her hardest! Although, I have to admit he is making some progress. I hear that since rekindling things with SG, Justin has been quite tame — no egging instances as of late.

“They’re detoxing from all the partying and negativity right now,” a source dished to “He’s been hiking every day, that’s his new favorite thing. And he’s getting up early because he’s not out partying all night, he’s just been at home chilling with Selena.”

I don’t know, dolls… I have a feeling I’m going to be reporting on their split once again. But do you disagree? Could this makeover be the beginning of a new Justin Bieber… for good? Predict in the comments below!


  1. reana Said:

    One thing he should start doing is wearing pants properly. Always has his ass hanging out. Disgusting.

  2. katie Said:

    He’s still a thunder c**t

  3. Jennifer Said:

    LOL….Katie… “Thundercunt!” Sounds like an endangered species… “Look, there’s a rare Canadian Thundercunt!”

  4. Flick Said:

    Once a sh*t head, always a sh*t head.

  5. Ellen Said:

    I’m not a fan of his music and definately not a fan of his behaviour but if he’s getting his ass on the right path than I think that’s a good thing. If Selena Gomez has that influence on him than I think they should really try to make things work this time!

  6. nicole Said:

    As much as I agree with Ellen, let’s be realistic here a man- in Justin’s case a boy only deserves so many chances. He’s going to stay polite for a month or two maybe less maybe more, but the point being he’s not going to stay this way Justin isn’t the man Selena needs. The sooner she learns to try and stop changing him into something he can’t be, the quicker she’ll be able to find her true Chuck Bass ;) (or maybe a Dan Humphry ..her choice)

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