Meet the Newest It Girl: Mandy Jiroux

Good afternoon, Upper East Siders!

Last week, I let my minions have a day off so I could do my own work for a day. How did I spend my day, you ask? By talking with an up and coming It Girl, Mandy Jiroux.

You may remember Mandy, formerly of The Miley & Mandy Show on Youtube (yes, that Miley) and the all girl group co-managed by Kris Jenner, BG5. Everyone has to come from humble beginnings, right?

But, just like anyone who becomes a someone, Mandy is making a name for herself by striking out on her own.

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“BG5 was a great experience, but after 4 years, I guess my heart just wasn’t really in it anymore and they were about to go in a different direction that I didn’t really believe in. That’s why I broke away, because I just really wanted to start my own thing. Now, it’s I get to do what I want to do and not what I’m told to do. I get to wear what I want to wear, sing the kind of songs I really want to sing.” Dolls, here we can learn an important lesson from Mandy: don’t let anyone hold you back.

Speaking of being held back, there once a Disney channel star who was held back by a huge corporation and eventually shattered her squeaky clean persona. I’m talking about none other than Miss Miley Cyrus. “I started dancing for her (Miley) when she was Hanna Montana, and honestly, she’s always been outgoing and very funny. She’s just got a really great personality. I feel like she’s always been dancing around and booty shaking since she was 13 years old and I think now that she’s not tied down to Disney, she’s just being herself now.” Miley definitely showed that she can’t be tamed.

Now that Mandy is also spreading her wings, she’s channeling her energy into her YouTube channel where she displays her many passions, one of which is dancing. “When I was 3 years old, my mom put me in dance classes and I never stopped. It’s still my biggest passion to this day,” she says.

But, as Mandy says, “dance and music go hand in hand.” Kind of like champagne and caviar, right? “When I was on the road with her, I realized that “I want to be star! I don’t want to be in the background.” Miley and the band just really inspired me, so after the second tour, is when I auditioned for my girl group.” Move over young Hollywood A-listerers. Mandy is here and ready to be the star.

Of course I don’t have to tell you, to succeed in this industry, it’s not just about the talent you have, but the people you know. Turns out Mandy is well acquainted with Sky Blue from LMFAO (she used to dance and choreograph for him) and was inspired to start DJ’ing because of him.

The list continues, however. You may remember Mandy appeared on a few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians way back when, and she had nothing but lovely things to say about the Kardashian klan. “The whole family is super sweet and nice; they were such a pleasure to work with. Kris Jenner believed in us so much and she took us as far as we could go. It was a pleasure to work with her,” she says. Unfortunately, she didn’t mention any ridiculous things she overheard Lord Disick says or flash some selfies she snapped with Kim.

Now, let’s learn about the up and coming star! Like moi, she’s a self-claimed shopping fanatic and her fave designs include Chanel and Louis Vuitton. What good taste! She comes from Phoenix, Arizona, but plans on being a California girl forever. Maybe it’s better off that way, since there’s only room for one It Girl on each coast and the East Coast position is already filled! Paris, AKA the city of lights, is her favorite place in the world. “I love Paris so much. Isn’t it amazing? It’s so beautiful and romantic and the shopping is awesome. I just love it,” Mandy said. Paris holds my heart too after a rendezvous I had with a delicious Paris man two summers ago. But, that’s a story for another time, dolls..

While we’re on the subject of rendezvous, I got Mandy to spill on her celeb crush. What name was on Mandy’s lips? “Jared Leto always pops up in my head first. He’s so cute and talented,” she said. Keep your eyes peeled, Upper East Siders. We all know I can’t keep a secret and I’ve been known to meddle in the love lives of celebrities.

Lastly, what’s next for Mandy Jiroux? “My main priority is to keep making more original music and I’m also going to be performing and DJ’ing places. I’m coming out with an eyewear line and now I’m starting to design a shape wear line, which I’m really excited about. And I’m, of course, constantly keep put music and dance content on my YouTube channel.”

Check out Mandy’s Youtube channel here!

Tell me Upper East Siders, which track of Mandy’s will you be downloading first?

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