Mark Wahlberg Tells Justin Bieber to Pull His Pants Up

Mark Wahlberg may be old now, but he’s still hot and totally respectable years after his bad boy Marky Mark days. And if Justin Bieber has any chance of having the same amount of success that he does at his age, he should probably listen to his advice.

The Boston babe had some blunt words of wisdom for the out-of-control 19-year-old: “Justin, are you listening? Don’t be so naughty, yeah? Be a nice boy, pull your [pants] up, make your mom proud and stop smoking weed, you little bastard.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself (well, maybe a little more eloquently….)

Do you think Mark’s advice will have any impact on JB, or is there no saving his career now that he’s taken this turn (at an alarming speed)? What advice would you give him? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. Zozzy Said:


  2. Anwen Said:

    Finally someone tells the little princess the word no to its pants falling down!!!

  3. Tiffany Said:

    Good job, Mark! I totally agree.

  4. dan Said:

    JB has already in instructed in the gansta lifestyle by his benefactor Usher and does not have enough sense to act in any other manner. I think that is what happens when fame hits early and you get no learning because you never went to any type of formal school, that and money flowing around.

  5. vicky Said:

    One can only hope that Justin will turn out as great as Marky Mark did… but since it’s coming from someone who had an even worse reputation in his youth, I think JB should really take Mark’s advice. He probably won’t, but he should.

  6. noemia Said:

    justin u so hansome nd by the way u need to pull ur pants up lyk rlly we tired of this love songs plz change dear

  7. Didi Said:

    Justin, try to keep it real, go back to your routes. Stop with the “every one owes me the world act” and just be the guy we all liked to believe you were. So that in the end your music will be believable. :)

  8. Destiny Said:

    Thank. You.

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