Mary-Kate Olsen Is Engaged to Olivier Sarkozy

Plaster on those fake smiles minions, because Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to the oldest man on the planet! The 27-year-old fashion mogul is set to wed Olivier Sarkozy, 44, the brother of the former French president.

Mary-Kate Olsen The 2013 Hampton Classic


As you know, I do not care for anyone over age 30, so this seems like a tres bizarre match to me, but apparently, MK is the best thing to happen to the Frenchman.

“Mary-Kate has made him a better father. She remembers all the kids’ special events,” a spy told me. “She thinks he’s a great dad.”

He actually sounds like a terrible father if he can’t be bothered to remember significant moments in the lives of his children. Of which he has two, not 20. But fine, fine, I’ll wish MK well the next time I see her. But only if the ring is over four carats.

You know you love me…XOXO.

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