(Good and Bad) Memorable Moments With the Gossip Girl Dads

Father’s Day is creeping up around the corner (Sunday June 16 to be exact), so we’re celebrating with some of the most memorable moments (good and bad, of course) with the dads on Gossip Girl.

Sometimes we love what they do (who can forget how beautiful Blair Waldorf looked as she walked down the wedding aisle flanked by Cyrus and Harold), and sometimes we hate (like when Bart Bass took back his company after Chuck had worked so hard keeping it going for years).

Check out the gallery below to reminisce about the past dad moments on the show. Did we miss any of the big ones? Who’s your fave dad?

Blair's Two Dads

In one of the sweetest moments of Blair Waldorf's wedding to Louis, Cyrus (her stepdad) and Harold (her real dad) walk her down the aisle, showing that two dads can be better than one.

Photo Credit: The CW

Nate's Dad Punches Him

Howard Archibald (aka "The Captain") was trying to push Nate to marry Blair one night and when Nate confronted him about it outside, Howard punched him! The cops pulled up and Nate had his father arrested.

Photo Credit: The CW

Rufus Gives Dan Advice

Rufus Humphrey is always around to give his children good advice. Recently he told Dan to talk to Blair about their relationship when Dan admitted they hadn't said "I love you" yet.

Photo Credit: The CW

Dan as a Dad (for a Brief Second)

Georgina Sparks lied to Dan Humphrey, saying he was the father of her baby. Dan stepped up like a man and took care of that baby, until he found out Georgina had made the whole thing up because the wife of the Russian man that she was hooking up with was going to kill her, so she lied and said it was Dan’s.

Photo Credit: The CW

Bart Bass is an Ass to Chuck

After coming back from the dead, Bart Bass has the nerve to take back the company that Chuck had been running while he was gone and telling his son that he was too obsessed with Blair Waldorf to be a successful business man. Yuck!

Photo Credit: The CW

William Hides His Illegitimate Daughter From Serena

Turns out Serena van der Woodsen's dad William had an affair with Lily's sister Carol and had a baby girl -- Charlotte (aka Lola). William lied to Serena and told her he was out of town when really he was with Lola explaining that he was her father.

Photo Credit: The CW


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