Is Michelle Rodriguez Playing Sugar Mama To Zac Efron?

Turns out a nasty drug habit can wreak serious havoc on your bankroll. I hear that Zac Efron is so broke, he’s essentially dating Michelle Rodriguez because she’s wiling to pay for everything.

Evidently it was Michelle–not Z–who picked up the tab for their lavish Italian getaway.

“Zac has been pretty broke while waiting for his share of the profits from Neighbors to come through,” a source reveals. “Michelle, on the other hand, hoards her money and has no qualms about shelling out the cash. [But] her friends are worried that she’s being played.”

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

Other sources are standing up for Z’s financial status, but whatever, I totally believe that Z is willing to be in Michelle’s pocket (so to speak) until he’s back in the black. Why not? Ladies have lapped up attention and cash from rich gents for centuries, isn’t it time boys caught on too?

Plus, it’s literally the only reason this wonky romance makes any sense. I just refuse to accept the fact that I live in a world where Z would fall for Michelle over me. I REFUSE.

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

What do you think, my dolls? Do you think this makes perfect cents, er sense, or does Z have too much dignity to use a girl for her black AmEx?


  1. henan34 Said:

    HOOOOLD THE PHONE. 1st the blogs claim she only usin him for PR & it’s all fake, then claim shes only w/ him to be a sperm donor. Now blogs r saying he’s using her for $$$?? Yeah right. Zac has HSM1-3 residual $$, does what like 2-3 movies a yr, and has BIG MONEY com in up from Neighbors. Meanwhile Rodriguez does what — 1 hit ensemble movie every 2 years? I TOTALLY doubt any of this is true. C’MON NOW.

  2. Will Said:

    Theyre both each others beard

  3. Jane Doe Said:

    Not sure of the reason, but I know for sure it ain’t the n00key .

  4. NAe Said:

    Totally thought she was GAY GO Michelle!!!

  5. Nae Said:

    Totally thought she was GAY GO MICHELLE!!

  6. Jingo Jango Wango Said:

    Shut my clam trap. I thought ate off the rug.

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