Miley and Liam, Reunited Again?

One thing I love about Miley Cyrus? Her lack of subtlety. Case in point: her less-than-stealthy hints about hooking up again with ex Liam Hemsworth. Miz Miley said that her upcoming trip Down Under would not be a solo mission: “I’m definitely not coming to Australia single,” she insisted, saying she and Liam are still “really close” and that she “may or may not be single.” Aren’t you glad that she sings better than she lies?

Photograph by Splash News


  1. Bethany Said:

    But she doesn’t? :S She’s completely auto tuned :(

  2. MissXO Said:

    I agree with Bethany.. She really.. I mean really can’t sing. Everytime I hear her voice I cringe! It’s just so bad!!!!!!

  3. Bekka Said:

    OMG I love Miley and I love Liam!!! :D Awesome couple! This is exciting. She definitely is a bad liar though… I still love the video where she was on Ellen’s show and was bouncing around and giggling about a possible boyfriend. She is so normal when it comes to boys. It’s hilarious! I love her so much!!!!!

    P.S I can’t get enough of her newest CD/music!!!!!

  4. pyui Said:

    You are beautiful and deserve better life? :P

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    Don’t hesitate, your life will be changed!

  5. Lesleeey Said:

    Miley Cyrus is one of those people, I don’t care what they do. I’ll always love them. LOL

  6. Kaisa Said:

    aww … that would be so sweet , they look so sweet together :)

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