Inside Miley Cyrus’ Bizarre Birthday Party

If you thought that perhaps Miley Cyrus would ring in her 21st birthday with a quiet, classy dinner with friends and family, then today must be your first day on planet Earth. Welcome.

For everyone else, you undoubtedly knew that MC would go all out for her all-important bday, and my spies inside the bash say it was one wild ride.

For starters, guests like Kelly Osbourne, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Emma Roberts were forced to sign confidentiality agreements before entering the soiree, held at her favorite Hollywood hotspot, Beacher’s Mad House.

liam payne niall horan


I think it’s tres tacky for MC to make the way-more-popular gents of One Direction promise to keep quiet–shouldn’t they be asking that of her? But Miley has never operated under that oppressive umbrella of good taste and manners.

Miley Cyrus AMAs


Once guests took a blood oath of secrecy, they were treated to a party full of dancing pandas, twerking (of course) go go dancers, and midgets dressed up as Miley. Le sigh, darlings. It sounds just so lame.

While club owners were busy presenting MC with a $150,000 Swarovski encrusted 3-litre bottle of Beau Joie champagne, DJ Calvin Harris was nearly hit in the face by a flying midget, but saved by none other than lovely Liam:


She also enjoyed a luscious, Pinterest-perfect rainbow birthday cake that I shall order my chef to make me tout suite.

Miley Cyrus birthday cake


While I do quite like the idea of a giant champagne bottle for my next birthday soiree, I think the rest of MC’s party sounds strange and dreadful. But then again, if it didn’t, she wouldn’t be our little wrecking ball, now would she?


  1. Kati Said:

    Love your Life .

  2. Leti Said:

    Please… *Tout de suite ;)

  3. Steph Said:

    Thats every night at Beacher’s..

  4. constance Said:

    Let her be plls, nobody is perfact she is just being herself,she is having her fun nd u pple ar here killing urselves 4 nothing sake.

  5. Angela Said:

    Little, sweet Miley. You may be having a “cray cray” party, but that doesn’t mean everyone will keep it secret. And that’s why everyone as a Gossip Girl reader knows. As we all say, “Fame takes away privacy,” and that can be a bad thing if you’re… Well, Miley.

    For the record, I would go to the party even if I did know what was happening, because I’m kind of a silly person myself. May get a few laughs.

    But that rainbow cake, ugh, not for me, honestly. I’m more of a chocolate cake person.

  6. Not Shocked at All Said:

    She is the tackiest thing LA has ever brought into fame. Can people please stop giving her attention, it’s pathetic

  7. Ines Said:

    Well that was surprisingly successful because no one actually knows what legitimately happened there, go Miley! Living it up like no other!

  8. Taylor Said:

    Ppl who seriously are talkin shit about Miley have no lives. This was her 21st bday! N jus like any other celebrity in Hollywood she threw an extravagant party & made guests sign confidential agreements which all celebs do. This girl is young n havin fun.. let her live! Who cares wat other ppl do.. I don’t n no one else shud for that matter. Stop judging!!

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