Miley Cyrus Accidentally Tweets About Her Drug Use

If you think that Miley Cyrus’ new bad ass persona is nothing but a calculated PR move and that she’s still such a straight-edge good girl, I have a screengrab that just may burst your bubble. Check out a convo that Miley, in blue, “butt tweeted” (as she said) and then quickly deleted…

miley cyrus


If you aren’t up on drug lingo, gems, “zanny” refers to Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug that a lot of people use recreationally. Could Miley fall into this category? Or does she seem like a starlet who is just so prone to panic attacks?

And as for her tears, MC claimed that she was upset because of food poisoning, but I’m not buying it. But am I just being my cynical self? Which scenario do you find more plausible: that Miley is truly brokenhearted about Liam her hair┬ásomething and wants to escape with pills, or is she a panicky celeb weeping over a bad batch of sushi?

Sound off in the comments darlings…XOXO.

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  1. rose Said:

    yes, ‘accidentally’. biggest attention seeking whore apart from t-swift.

  2. someone Said:

    leave her alone!!! She’s a human too and as everybody else see has some issues.. she just took a pill.. not a drug

  3. Massie Said:

    Taylor Swift is not an attention seeking whore.

  4. Angel Said:

    How do u accidentally screen capture a convo on an iPhone with ur butt and manage to attach it to a blank tweet :/ seems off

  5. samantha megan (@slammy99) Said:

    LoL @the “LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE” type comment… looks like u pop teh Zannies too!

  6. Kate Said:

    Sweety have you looked at the carrier? It’s a German one! So she’s either staying in Germany or she probably just got a screenshot from a friends conversation and accidentally tweeted it, explaining why she had a screenshot of that conversation in the first place.

  7. Sonia Said:

    K really? You can’t accidentally put that on twitter! She’d have to screenshot it, (why she would I don’t know) and go through a bunch of shit to put it online. That’s not accidental, girls’ got some media issues.

  8. Laura Said:

    Not a big deal that she takes Xanax. Most celebs use that and it’s basically just a sleeping aid to calm you down. But the juicy thing is how she said she feels miserable. I feel like she was talking to Liam, isn’t he in Australia with a different time zone? That explains the good morning at 10pm. She definitely changed the name and posted it on purpose cuz why else would she screen shot that? And it’s kinda hard to “butt post” a picture to twitter. She was prob drunk, looks like a cry for help

  9. Jane Said:

    Ok. Xanax is a drug so, I don’t know why you would say that. If she is prescribed to them then it would be ok. If she wasn’t, then it would not be ok. When people get started taking pills, the problem just gets worse. Maybe she was just trying to get attention also…

  10. Georgie Said:

    Up there it reads “O2-de”. Doesn’t “de” stand for another country?

  11. Kristy Said:

    DE is for Germany … Where she’s been this week for promo.

  12. little minion Said:

    this is actually bullsh*t and you all know it. everyone at some point has taken a “zanny” or a tylenol PM to fall asleep on a bad day. dont call her a drug addict because you legit have nothing better to do.

  13. Bruna Said:

    i’m not defending her (actually i don’t like her), but i take this drug because i have a strong insomnia (my doctor prescribed)!! if she have difficulty to fall asleep , that’s a good option.

  14. nicole Said:

    She is a 20 going on 21 year old who has lots of money, fame and freedom. I dont think Miley is a bad person, because I too have experimented with different drugs, but I think her decisions to parade it around like its the COOL thing to do is wrong. Im pretty sure that was not a “butt-tweet”, seeing as you have to click a few very select buttons to tweet such a thing. I do believe that it is for attention from a crowd her age.

  15. Dan Said:

    What does Taylor have to do with Miley Cyrus calling her an attention seeking whore makes you look unnecessairily judgemental and foul mouthed so…

  16. Petey Said:


  17. Mahyar Said:

    How she had mistakenly taken a screenshot at 12:22 pm when the last was sent at 12:30 am?

  18. charms wholesale Said:

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  19. Ed Said:

    This girl is a slow-motion train wreck. She dresses like a hooker, sings about drugs, and does all her personnal business in public. Just to alienate her Hannah Montana demons. Someone needs to tell her and Bieber that being the squeaky-clean white kids is what you want to be when you’re 45. Not some tatted-up drug scarred has-been trying to prove you’ve matured. Remember Sinatra in the 50’s? He ran that suit-and-tie act from -18 to 80+. Respect your elders, kids.

  20. Gen Said:

    This poor girl is so sad. She is trying so hard to come up with an identity to stay relevant.

  21. Anonymous Said:

    It may be normal to take “zannies”/bars/etc or “molly” like Miley does, but that doesn’t make it OK. And yes, you can abuse a drug like Xanax. Most ethical doctors don’t even prescribe Xanax anymore; it’s too strong. And people use them recreationally. So yeah, even though it’s “normal,” it’s not okay. We just live in a world of idiots who refuse to see a real doctor. I live in a city with a drug problems and I can spot the BS.

  22. Anonymous Said:


  23. jane Said:

    Okay, this is a problem bcuz there r people who do need anti-anxiety drugs , at some time during life, they also may get a hell of a cough and need something with codeine in it…..or a broken bone and need pain relief.Here we have ‘celebrities’ making it very uncool and hard for a person who really may need the meds to get them, and some of u on this board don’t help.
    Bcuz the media broadcast this stuff on TV and such Doctors start thinking stupid. So this is what I say, keep ur stuff to urself

  24. Erin Said:

    Is anyone else wondering who Fefe is?

  25. tete Said:

    Like everyone here I like reading about celebs too. But to act like a psycho and call people drug addicts and say how much of a wreck people are is ridiculous. Half of you are adults and shouldn’t give to shits mostly bc you prob have kids of your own doing the same shit. Or you have done it yourself, get over it its not gonna help that young girl by talking about her negatively so stop how about trying to help soo that other kids who look up to her don’t fall into a bad pattern. A duh

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