First Look: Miley Cyrus’ Racy “Adore You” Music Video

Spotted: Miley Cyrus getting down and dirty, per usual, in a preview for her new racy music video for “Adore You.” But the 21-year-old isn’t twerking or singing about drugs…this time, she’s getting naughty by herself in the sheets. Le gasp! Take a look at the grainy clip below:

Just in case you’re not totally fulfilled by all the presents under your tree on Wednesday, you’ll be able to see the whole video the next day (Merry Christmas to YOU, I guess…)

Do you think Miley is trying too hard to push the envelope or is she succeeding by continuing to get buzz? After all, you’re nobody until you’re talked about… Tell me what you think of this racy vid in a comment below. XOXO


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  1. Ryan Wasney Said:

    She’s definitely succeeding and getting what she wants. I love it!

  2. Taylor Said:

    She wants to be Britney so bad.

  3. Sophia Said:

    That’s so naughty! I really don’t want to watch the rest of the video… I just can’t understand why a girl would want to be like this. Does she think it is cool or sexy or something by the way? Nobody wants a drunk wh*re. But that’s all our fault because we still following her clue. I won’t open any news from her, I will just ignore her, maybe if we all do it she would stop, or explode or somthing.

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