Was Miley Cyrus’ AMAs Performance Purrfect?

Miley Cyrus AMAsSpotted: Miley Cyrus on stage at the AMAs sans teddy bears, but there was another furry friend hyping her up–a digital over-sized kitten who cried behind the popstar as she sang her sad love ballad “Wrecking Ball.”

Missed the unique performance? Don’t worry, dolls. I have it for you right here. Take a look, then we’ll discuss.

[HD] Miley Cyrus – Performs @ The AMA’s 2013 by IdolxMuzic
First up, I’ll totally admit Miley looks amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe her outfit (a two-piece cat-print leotard in the style of her MTV European Music Awards outfit), but the girl does have a killer body. It’s just a shame she chooses to wear what she does, n’est–ce pas?

I also think she nailed the song. No doubt about it, girl can sing. Her performance was a little more bearable this time around as she left the twerking out. Instead, viewers got to divert their attention from her extremely high cut bottoms to the kitten singing along with her on the screen. And let’s just agree, that’s a good thing.

So, tell me precious readers…was MC’s mostly tame performance purrfect or was it just as sad as her little digital kitten? Vote in a comment below!

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  1. Haley jameson Said:

    her eye brows weren’t bleached??

  2. Maryma B. Said:

    For me Live song suck always … dnt knw why but there voice in the CD and the voice in live its always different so its sucks ! I like her yes but this nah i would neva paid to see this !

  3. Lauren Said:

    I don’t know why she thinks 90’s workout outfits are ‘in’. They will never be ‘in’. And you’d think she’d make the performance a little more classy, especially if she’s singing such an emotional song. But no, she puts a tacky ass kitten in the background. That just goes to show that she writes none of her own music. Miley Cyrus is the most white trash celebrity I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring the trailer park to Hollywood any time soon.

  4. Agustina Said:

    No, she dyied her eyebrows brown again. I think the performance was not as great as i expected but it was OK…

  5. Jenny Said:

    She’s ruining cats. MC stop ruining everything that is innocent and cute, just because you gave up innocence doesn’t mean you should take the innocence from every child like object. That kitten was just terrifying, but it could have been worse. And that voice, it’s clear she’s doing some drug because those vocal chords are whacked up and the song was flat. I really enjoyed some of her older songs because she could genuinely sing but if you choose to be a singer take care of your vocal chords.

  6. Medina Said:

    I like Miley, I really do. Her VMA performance, while trashy, didn’t really bother me. THIS bugs me. What is with that outfit and the giant cat?! Really? This could have been a great performance. The songs great and she can sing but the cat and outfit was to much, I couldn’t keep watching. What a joke. Why keep robbing yourself of potentially great shows?

  7. Vivi Said:

    I’m not a Miley fan but I think she did a good job. And the most singers have live another voice than on CD.

  8. Lygia Said:

    Duuuude, what’s up with her voice?? It uses to be so much prettier a softer. Now it’s just deep. Miley, I like some of your songs, but please stop ruining yourself -.-

  9. Kalyn Said:

    idk if it’s how she’s standing or what, but with the awkward cut of those bottoms, her hips look extremely wide for her small frame. but she needs to try a little more class especially with such an emotional song, i just can’t take her seriously

  10. Lauren Said:

    At least she put some effort into this performance. Still sounded awful but not as awful as her appearance on UK X factor where it sounded like she gargled gravel before going on stage.

  11. loveth Said:

    whenever i hear her sings she always suck me ever since she cut her hair she has been crazy.

  12. Rachel F Said:

    Her performance was perfect! It was a perfect ending to the night. It didn’t matter what she was wearing because girl has a gorgeous body. I loved everything about it. She can sing, there’s no doubt about that. But the performance was just gorgeous. I felt every bit of pain while she was singing when I watched it.
    There’s nothing negative about last nights performance.

  13. charityvaldez Said:

    Miley cyrus did a good job.. she is always been great!

  14. martamaria Said:

    It’s sad what some people do to get attention. What kind of background & outfit is that for this type of music?! It doesn’t match at all. The only thing that matches is the big cat with the ones in her outfit, which is hideous by the way (looks like pet’s clothes, tacky tacky tacky). I didn’t exactly like the VMAs performance (urrg), but at least it kind of matched the music.

  15. Mackenzie Said:

    Seriously a digital cat? try a digital cat matching your two piece “outfit” I mean I love Miley and all but this funk that she is in has just got to stop just tone down the dramatics. But who knows maybe we’ll all forget aboit it and move like we did for Gaga.

  16. Sunny :-) Said:

    we know already, always the same, only here and there a little different, but is already clear that many stories are the same so so so so so so so many, come on people, my 12-year-old Brunde has more going for her than if one stories writes would all laugh because almost dead is unique,,,,,,

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