Love or Loathe: Miley Cyrus at the Bambi Awards

Last night one of my German minions (I have spies everywhere, trust) spotted Miley Cyrus at the Bambi Awards (which are a thing, apparently) and she looked strangely unfamiliar. Why? Because I couldn’t see 95% of her skin. Check out MC’s vintage Jean Paul Gaultier maxi dress:

miley cyrus


While I am thrilled to be seeing less of Miley’s lady parts–for once–I’m not sure I’m sold on the bell sleeves of this gown. True, without them this outfit would be a total snooze, but they give her a strange, Narnia-like look, as though she should be pulling up alongside Mr. Tumnus in a sleigh, don’t you think? But then again, what would our little Miley be without a touch of bizarreness. I also think I would’ve preferred statement earrings to a chunky necklace, as it competes with the velvet collar. And minions, you know how I feel about strappy shoes in cold weather, but given the heaviness of her dress, I don’t mind them–I just wish her Fendi heels fit; toe hangovers are never cute.

I can’t quite make up my mind about this, can you dolls? But if you do indeed hate it, can we agree that a covered-up Miley is a vast improvement to what we’ve become accustomed to seeing?





  1. Lieselotte Said:

    Thank God, she’s wearing clothes!! But it doesn’t look good on her…

  2. ✔ THE LADY ✔ Said:

    Where does she think she’s getting dressed up for, a Harry Potter movie (but God knows she’d never be in one. EVER)? And that necklace is not for her. It could have been IF SHE KEPT HER BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR, but since she didn’t, I don’t pick that as a choice to even wear it. Second of all, that dress makes her look like she’s wearing no shoes. I’m just humiliated of humans because they’re saying Miley’s a lesbo for her hair. That’s sexism. Anyway, the outfit is no good. Whatev. Awkward Turtle.

  3. lucy Said:

    hahaha love the reference to Narnia! so true!

  4. taniya Said:

    at least shes wearing some decent clothes!!

  5. Faatima Said:

    Definitely not my favorite look, although she is covered. She does appear to come out of Narnia or some other fairytale, wearing a robe. This oufit certainly does not yell classy whatsoever.

  6. D Lo Said:

    I prefer the witch look to the stripper look. However, I do think she should have worn army boots. Toe hangover is NEVER socially acceptable.

  7. Tamara Burks Said:

    I agree with you 100 percent. It’s nice to not see so much of her. She actually looks close to classy here. She’d pull it off completely if she had followed your suggestions.

    It probably wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of belt to break up the dress.

    And I’m glad to see she’s not sticking her tongue out for once along with her other parts.

  8. Missconfidential Said:

    Even though she looks like a speaker,I call it an improvement !

  9. Rachel Said:

    She’s wearing clothes. Let’s not push it.

  10. Jane Said:

    Wow! I never thought I would see a dress like this at her! She looks lovely. In my opinion she don’t have to show nearly every part of her skin. For me this dress is a sign of growing up.

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