Love or Loathe: Miley Cyrus’ Album Name

If you’ve been waiting on pins and needles to find out the name of Miley Cyrus’ new album, then today is your lucky day/try to get some hobbies.

Apparently MC is titling her latest album Bangerz because, as she wrote on Twitter, “If you don’t know why my record is called BANGERZ you’ll know as soon as you hear it. Nothin but #BANGERZ.”

miley cyrus


Hm. Bangerz. It sounds more like a division of Bratz dolls than a hopefully triple-platinum record, but I think we know that Miley’s taste has been a little off-center for quite some time now. Do you think that this lame name will effect sales? Or will her new CD be a hit no matter what?

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  1. Charlotte Said:

    It will be a hit, no matter what ;)

  2. Queen B Said:

    no no no no NO NO NO

  3. sophie Said:

    it’ll be a hit no matter what. she’s the queen.

  4. Emma Said:

    She’s trying waaaay too hard to be relevant and a video hoe…excuse me, “vixen”. She’s a mess. Not a fan at all.

  5. mira Said:

    who cares ,?

  6. Genevieve Said:

    …and mash??? is she going British??? didn’t Fergie try that… and that London bridge was burned wasn’t it??…

  7. Tiffany Said:

    Oh gosh. Bangerz?? Really? That’s the dumbest name I’ve ever heard.

  8. Nady Said:

    i think the album will be a hit because so many people love her because of hannah montana but i really hope she gets out of this phases soon

  9. Hannah Said:

    This will NOT be a hit. She turned into some ratchet whore, who wants to please the darker side of the world. I understand, there are more artist in the world that do the exact thing she does, but she used to be pure. I understand wanting to lose that Disney image but this is too far. Look at Selena Gomez, she doesn’t have that image but still is a decent person. I’m ashamed that MC even had the title of my name ,Hannah, while she was on Disney’s contract. I expected more in her. SMH…

  10. Megan Said:

    Well I’m definitely gonna buy! Always been a fan of Miley’s and still am. Buying her new cd as soon as it comes out.

  11. Millie Said:

    obviously your all American and haven’t heard of melbourne bangerz thats been sweeping Australia…

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