Panned! Critics Blast Miley Cyrus’ New Album, Bangerz

The reviews are in on Miley Cyrus’ new album, Bangerz, and prepare to be shocked, but they’re tres terrible…

“It’s a disjointed mess that seeks to provoke instead of delight,” sniped the New York Daily News‘ critic. “Whenever Miley goes for raw sexual moments, it sounds nearly as forced as that MTV performance looked. There’s enough machinery tricking up her vocals to launch a mission to Mars.”

Meanwhile a USA Today critic called it “generic.”

miley cyrus bangerz

Le ouch! I haven’t yet hear MC’s new musical tome yet but I have read her lyrics and I must say, I’m not impressed. Check out this snippet from her scathing break up track, FU.

It seemed like everything was going fine then I accidentally saw a few things in your cell/ I don’t really have much to say/I was over it the second that I saw her name/I got two letters for you/One of them is F and the other is U because what you gotta do is get yourself a clue.

Ugh Miley, have you heard of a metaphor? One needn’t be quite so literal in ones lyrics, don’t you think minions? If you’re itching for an aural assault, you can stream Bangerz on iTunes but it’s not yet available for purchase. However, judging by this review, maybe it shouldn’t ever be…XOXO.

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  1. Smilers Said:

    And you think Smilers care about what these people say about Miley’s new album? We waited for over two years, we are happy and delighted to hear it. As long as Miley can still make her fans happy, it doesn’t matter. Music is for entertainment, not for being criticised. I love it, many other Smilers love it!

  2. yol Said:

    please, listen to the REAL song. It is AMAZING. Seriously. If the album is going to be as “crap” as that song… I am going to have a thousand discs of crap.

  3. Ashley Said:

    Entertainment Weekly gave her album an A-..
    I haven’t listened to the entire album, only We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, but if you’re going to criticize lyrics, criticize more than one song. Just because one critic hated it doesn’t mean they all will. I’m not a huge fan of Miley, but come on.

  4. LynnaD Said:

    You are jumping the gun. US Magazine gave it a 4 out of 4. Billboard gave it a 70 but basically gave it a glowing review. Entertainment Weekly (E.W.) gave it an A-, giving it glowing reviews. Country meets Urban.

    I’ve listened to the album several times. It’s a really strong album and fresh. I’ve never even bought a Miley album, but have pre-ordered this one.

  5. LynnaD Said:

    Also, since the NY Times critic is always out of the loop, his review doesn’t shock me. Bless his much older heart.

    It looks like you were picking and choosing your reviews so you could have a sensationalistic title. Fail.

  6. Diana-gg Said:

    she’s way past metaphor and poetic beuty… that’s just… eeww

  7. Kelly Said:

    She changed tooooooooool much…can’t look at her as Hannah Montana any more…

  8. Isabelle Said:

    Bangerz is amazing. She’s such a great artist with an awesome voice. Once a smiler, always a smiler. Miley, we love you <3

  9. Erenye Said:

    All ive seen/heard is the video for wrecking ball, which was an abomination,
    But an entertaining abomination. some ppl may not want to see music take a step
    Backward, but in this case-MC is holding up a proverbial mirror to our society:
    This is what hip-hop influence has done to pop culture, personified, and it is very much
    of this moment. Shes a poser of course, but shes catering to & generation of posers
    And a media that is so easy to manipulate. Its ripe for the picking right now.

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