Miley Cyrus Banned From the Dominican Republic!

To thine own self be true, unless you’re Miley Cyrus, and then maybe you want to re-think that. I hear MC has been banned – banned! — from performing in the Dominican Republic because of, well, who she is.

Turns out government officials don’t think our little twerk queen is wholesome enough to take the stage at her scheduled concert on September 13. The people on the commission that oversees public performances are not fans of Miley, and I’m not just talking about her music.

Miley Cyrus In Concert - Brooklyn, NY

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

They released a statement yesterday saying they made this decision because Miley often “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

Oh, snap! Although, while I am definitely giggling like a little schoolgirl at the thought of Miles being dissed so publicly, don’t you think it’s a little silly to go to this extreme? I’m sure MC could keep her pot on the private jet and her hands off her lady parts for just one night, right? Right… who am I kidding? Ban away, DR!

Is there any hope for Miley taking this as a wake-up call to clean up her act, or do you think she’s perfected it to the point where she can’t stop?


  1. Maria Said:

    Not surprised…

  2. sophie Said:

    Haha Miley sucks

  3. June Said:

    She can’t stop. She won’t stop.

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