Scene & Heard: Miley Cyrus Loves “Hood” Music, But Is Not The White Nicki Minaj

There comes a point in most girls’ lives where you cut your hair, stop wearing sequins, and quit singing about butterflies and dreams. For Miley Cyrus, that time has come and it’s called a breakdown growing up. 

The 20-year-old singer covers the new issue of Billboard magazine and talks about how she’s so done with her Hannah Montana days. “Right now, when people go to iTunes and listen to my old music, it’s so irritating to me because I can’t just erase that stuff and start over,” she said. “My last record [2009’s Can’t Be Tamed] I feel so disconnected from–I was 16 or 17 when I made it. When you’re in your 20s, you just don’t really know that person anymore.”

Miley also said that she’s given everything for this album, and that includes her friends, family, and relationships (*cough, Liam?*). “I’ve just put this music first. That’s been kind of a trip: It’s not like I’m losing who I am — I actually found out more about who I am by making this music. I’m going on a journey, and that’s more than a lot of 20-year-olds can say. And I’m still going to change so much. Because I’m not the same person I was six months ago — I’m not even the same person I was two weeks ago.”

But don’t worry, you guys… Miley won’t sell-out and change herself completely. She said that a lot of people wanted to try and make her the white Nicki Minaj, but that’s not what she’s trying to do. “I love ‘hood’ music, but my talent is as a singer.”

Since Miley won’t be the next white girl rapper, perhaps Amanda Bynes actually has a chance…. Thoughts?

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  1. mini Said:

    i do love miley, but sometimes she needs to keep there thoughts to herself?

  2. Natalia Said:

    I hate her, Bitch!

  3. GiGi Said:

    She looks like she turned into an angry anorexic lesbo. Gross

  4. krissy Said:

    She is pretty Id like to see her long hair back! I love her new look though! Edgy and I cant wait to buy her New Album!! BTW I love cant be tamed I know that isn’t` her now but It sort of still relates to her!! She Just wants` to be Herself! U know!

  5. khushboo Said:

    she is definately going on the path of nicki minaj “the bitch”.

  6. tep Said:

    why do they all start as happy disney kids then end up like this? *sigh* FAME…

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