Miley’s Boozy Liplock…With a Girl!

Spotted: Miley Cyrus downing tequila shots and kissing a girl at NYC’s semi-stylish lounge Electric Room on July 24. I caught her dancing on tables and guzzling booze, despite being both underage and a wife-to-be. Liam Hemsworth wasn’t around to catch his ladylove in action, he was still in Philadelphia filming his latest movie.

Miley, please pick a persona. Patron-swilling party girl is fine…but not when there’s a “Mrs.” on the front of your name…XOXO.

miley cyrus




  1. MegMikaelson Said:

    GUess thats her way of dealing with jealousy-issues.. But I doubt Liam will find Emma less attractive just because Miley is drunk. x

  2. Stolen1kiss Said:

    God, Miley is she becomming a real hollywood girl with the dramas and the problems ? Seems like miley don’t really want to grow up or maybe she want to but to fast.. Maybe she’s gone to far for her love.. I hope this scandalous revelation is going to fall in Liam’s hands. There’s going to have fight in the air..

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