Miley Cyrus Misses Costume Change, Ends Up on Stage in Bra and Underwear

Miley Cyrus Z100 jingle ball at MSG


When I was younger, I would have dreams, nightmares I should say, about showing up to prep school in only my La Perlas. For a young Upper East Sider, the idea was absolutely devastating. But leave it to Miley Cyrus to totally embrace every young girl’s fear and show up on stage in front of thousands of people wearing nothing but her bra and underwear.

Granted, we’ve all seen her basically naked by now, but that was all planned–at least that’s what she says. The 21-year-old claims this whole incident was a mistake: “Not a new outfit for 23,” she posted on Twitter. “I didn’t make my quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my undies… Show must go on :(“

A spy snapped this pic at the concert in Milwaukee where Miley’s little “accident” occurred:



Tell me, dolls, do you believe MC didn’t have enough time to change clothes and therefore HAD to wear her undies on stage, or is this just another (so-called) scandalous move on her part to get us talking about her again? XOXO

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  1. Ky Said:

    Totally believe her

  2. Eugenia Said:

    Honestly, I can’t believe this. She’s proved in the past to be fond of showing a lot of skin, and I don’t understand why she refuses to admit that she’s done it on purpose. It’s a bit pathetic.

  3. JC Said:

    If you want her to stop doing this, then stop talking about her…

  4. shaheera Said:

    I don’t understand why this is even a big issue? Hollywood actresses and artists wardrobes basically consist of underwears and bras but their just calling it by another name. Like they’ll add some sparkles and stones and prob use a different material but still is an underwear and bras. So this is dumb.

  5. s Said:

    Was she more afraid of something else… like being caught lip synching? Why couldn’t she just delay for a minute?

  6. Sophie Said:

    She’s got you talking. That’s the plan anyway ;) good on her.

  7. Marie Said:

    I think its true. After all her racy performances and musicvideos I doubt she would have any problem adimtting if this outfit was planned.

  8. S Said:

    Ugh she is awfullllllll!!!!!!! I hate her.The old Miley was better.This one is a plastic bitch

  9. Claire Said:

    She honestly looks like a man. With her hair and those shoulders this look was doomed to fail.

  10. Lani Said:

    I believe her. I love Miley to bits and its not just so people talk about her, I believe it’s what she said it is :)

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