Picture: Miley Cyrus Goes Commando In Sheer Pants

It’s pretty evident that Miley Cyrus is comfortable with her body what with all that twerking on national television in a latex bikini and going completely nude in her new music video for “Wrecking Ball.” And now, the “We Can’t Stop” singer is gallivanting around town in a pair of sheer pants all while not wearing underwear.

My London spies caught her in black pants that featured one leg in a skinny sheer style and the other in a more conservative style. Is this the new mullet? Party on the right leg, business on the left…?

Either way, what do you think about this look? Do you like that Miley is pushing the fashion envelope or is she overdoing it now? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below!

Miley Cyrus leaving her hotel



  1. Jeffrey Said:

    She could at least were underwear to make it better.

  2. Kaltrina Said:

    She’s just awesome man, including this black outfit, i think that people are judging her so much but u know what I think? I think that everybody will accept this fact xoxo gossip girl

  3. Starlight Said:

    I don’t mind half the things she wears lady gaga was crazier than her plus I love the fact that she can twerk for a white girl besides we have all gone commando for certain outfits no big

  4. Cassie Said:

    Well all I can say is at LEAST she’s wearing pants. The outfit really isn’t that bad though. She looks good.

  5. Anna edwards Said:

    She’s a slut

  6. Rachelle Said:

    .. That girl cannot twerk. I like the outfit, but it aint summer anymore. Plus I think she has no curves whatsoever. So it doesnt work.

  7. misstee Said:

    I admit this is a very nice outfit and it looks good on her……..BUT she can NOT twerk…..even if for a white girl.

  8. amanda Said:

    I think she looks great in this!! I am sure from other angles it can be revealing.. but she has an amazing body! & while I am not liking her new trashy persona. . I still love her music!! But as far as the outfit goes.. she is ROCKIN IT

  9. Anonymous Said:

    No-one seems to have a problem when Lady Gaga walks around half naked so this outfit is nothing to judge, you can’t see anything you’re not suppose to see. Give Miley a break! She’s beautiful!

  10. joblo Said:

    How about a picture from the back. And some close-ups. You know, so we can judge for ourselves. And be sure to get some upskirts next time she wears a dress.

  11. LIONESS Said:

    I think Miley looks great she has her own sense of fashion and she is not scared to push buttons. She looks great in all she wears classy , sexy and the grundge look . I think people are just still stuck w/ the whol Disney image … I say Rock on Miley do you , you only live this life once ride it out xoxo

  12. Julia Said:

    I think this is actually a surprisingly nice outfit for her! I like the pants and it looks good on her! She is a pretty girl and i cant stand it that shes ruining her life by thinking all these slutty moves in videos will make her appear grown up…

  13. Emily Said:

    I think everything about Miley Cyrus is skanky right now. I used to love her and now she is just horrible. Her music is good though.

  14. Elizabeth Said:

    She looks good. I think other celebrities have done crazier things… And in regards to her new video, YES she is nude but at least she isn’t pulling a Robin Thicke? Right? lol!

  15. May Said:

    At lease she’s wearing pants and a shirt ..

  16. Seal Said:

    Okay first off I’m not a Miley fan but I love that outfit. She looks great.

  17. Lalala Said:

    Actually, fashion designers make worse clothes and anybody criticize them, it is only ‘fashion’, and it is cool. She is only wearing what she fancies, what’s the problem? Besides, she can wear it, she has a good body. She wants to attract attention? Maybe, but she is not the only one, and nobody bother them. Now everyone is focused on her and what she does or what she wears, and I don’t think that’s a big big deal to be worried about everyday.

  18. kash Said:

    love. killing it. she looks amazing and has a great body. she happy and she’s making money. the more energy people put into talking bad about her the bigger she is going to get.. so hater keep on hating.

  19. Laylla Said:

    My answer: Bitch.

  20. LP Said:

    What people don’t realize is that Lady GaGa doesn’t just walk around half-naked to be naked or to get attention, she has a reason for it. She’s artsy and everything she does has significance like her VMA outfit (clam shells and the long hair) was her take on the Birth of Venus painting by Botticelli. Miley, on the other hand, is just dressing this way to be provocative and “different”. It is possible to be edgy AND tasteful but Miley obviously doesn’t know that.

  21. Lionel Said:

    She looks fine, good hygiene, appears to have it together,(not all strung out on drugs). She is also making ALOT of $$$$$$$$$$$.
    Basically, if one wishes to look at her in positive light or negative light, the choice is theirs. Go ‘get em’ girl(woman), I don’t mean any disrespect. Best wishes XOX

  22. ALLIE B Said:


  23. ME Said:

    She looks fine. You can’t see anything you shouldn’t. Do it while you’re young, girl, cuz everything heads south faster than you know LOL

  24. Pink Said:

    Awww leave Justin Bieber alone, if he wants to play dress up let him.

  25. Mr. Pukey Said:

    Look closer and you can see crabs playing poker. When she farts will there be a mud stain in the rear?

  26. judykay Said:

    LOL SHe has the body of a 14 year old kid ,if that. There is nothing fabulous about her about. Very little boobs, too skinny and she has totally ruined her face wuth her grey tounge hanging out, She wants to be a freak? Where did it get her? Her man moved on because he got sick of her tounge and twerking like a tramp dressing like a whore and playing the fool. The only thing she is going to be remembered for is playing the fool and court jester. Too bad, she once had a little talent.

  27. Jexie Said:

    She’s a slut, can’t twerk blah blah….she has everyone in America fixated on her and she’s sitting on a hundred million dollars to show for it. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

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  29. poonjab Said:

    That is one talented horse!!!!

    Pan-face + pan-ass = Justin Beaver?

  30. me Said:

    she is high as fuckkkk

  31. me Said:

    Hatersssss get off here

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  33. michelle Said:

    next amanda bynes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Tweety58 Said:

    Who that swishy looking boy ? He should butch it up a bit.

  35. lovelynia Said:

    i love u miley u go girl ………………………..u happy and be urself………………………………………………………………………………………

  36. derrick Said:

    not attractive

  37. howard Said:

    actually this look is one of the most ‘high fashion’ she’s worn in the last few months. nice.
    looks like part way to a red carpet venue to me.
    and being a guy – i’m OK with all the skin

  38. Anoymous Said:

    Miley CAN NOT, i repeat…CAN NOT twerk & shouldn’t. In contrast, Lady Gaga’s fashion statements are done with grace. Her persona and type of music seems to flow. Miley is trying to prove she has grown up by behaving like a kid.

  39. Bill Said:

    I’d do her!

  40. Big Balls Said:

    I don’t see what people find attractive about her. She looks like Justin Bieber with a different haircut.

  41. James Said:

    I think she’s grown and knows she’s sexy, some people are just jealous and need to leave her alone.

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  43. ej Said:

    I think she looks awesome, and really is not afraid of going a bit edgy, which is cool!!!…I think she has been through a tremendous amount in the last year or so, what with both her parents and ex ditching her, gotta be rough on her….I am sure she could use some real friends…….hello????…I’m available, ha ha….good luck, Miley, hope you do well!!!!!…(and yes, you are a heckofa twerker!!!)

  44. Alan Said:

    What a pig!

  45. rebecca Said:

    Nothing wrong with the outfit, but she doesn’t have the body or curves for it. That’s the only problem. Other than that. Flaunt it while your young.

  46. didi Said:

    this is crazy. anyway, you need some cash in flow? http://bit.ly/1ib8qLa

  47. Dereck Said:

    These women are doing me a favour. When I go to the club it is so easy to get a 20 yr old to give me head in the bathroom. 15 years ago the 20 yr old girls were less accommodating.

    Keep up the good work Miley, Katy et al.

  48. David Said:

    She could have been good for the young girls growing up in this ill society,instead she is choosing to project an image of a tramp.

  49. Niki Said:

    I love the pants, she looks great, she should have just rocked a fitted black jacket blazer instead of the top.

  50. OAFCrazy Horse Said:

    Led Zeppelin. Your Going the wrong Path. Miley . Don’t check out too soon. john Bonnem

  51. Thomas Tucker Said:

    Those toes are ugly…

  52. Steve Said:

    She looks like a little boy playing dress up.

  53. Jack Kafwanka Said:

    she looks pretty awesome in Black, she looks like the “hype Black Canary” Lol! Dont judge her too much. She is young let her live her life, everything has a season.

  54. lakawak Said:

    There really is nothing all that bad about this outfit and it is designed NOT to wear underwear, since it would look silly to see the underwear trough it. Yo are not seeing anything. The only sheer part is hte side…and anyone wearing a string bikini is showing more than that.

  55. Only Morons Leave Comments Said:

    losers. all of you. losers.

  56. Amy Said:

    Selina Gomez rocks

  57. training purchasing Said:


    These women are doing me a favour. When I go to the club it is so easy to get a 20 yr old to give me head in the bathroom. 15 years ago the 20 yr old girls were less accommodating.

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