Miley Cyrus Continues To Diss Selena Gomez…

Looks like Miley Cyrus is coming in like a wrecking ball… the spiraling singer can’t stop taking shots at Selena Gomez and tweeted a (somewhat incoherent) message this weekend dissing the pop star after Sel won an award that MC was also nominated for:

The two were up for Favorite International Artist/Group award at Canada’s MuchMusic Awards, but even though Miley campaigned for the win on Twitter, Sel was the one who took home the trophy. (Rather sweet revenge for the girl whose cardboard likeness was torn up and thrown out into the crowd as Miley sang F.U. at a concert last week…)

So far, Selena hasn’t responded to this feud, but do you think she’ll go down without a fight? Or can these two work it out? You know, darlings… there’s nothing I like more than a good cat fight. And this could be a classic. XOXO

Miley Cyrus Performs At The 02 Arena

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  1. Allison Said:

    that’s not even a diss… stop trying to make everything into a bigger drama than it is.

  2. randell1985 Said:

    its likely all publicity on both of their parts. they are likely hunkey dorey

  3. Polin Said:

    Rigged voting I’m just saying…. That’s what she’s trying to say which doesn’t mean she’s Tryna diss Selena but the awards show maybe. Just my opinion

  4. Iris Said:

    Just grow up! you can’t like everyone you meet or know, but just be like a adult, let everything you don’t like about eachother go, en let eachother alone.

  5. EVA TUDINO Said:

    well miley if you hadn’t went all slut-tie ma by you would get the respect you-ed deserved.

  6. ME Said:

    Honestly, Miley is just phony. She keeps saying she hates women who talk shit about each other and she keeps giving everyone lectures on everything while acting like a complete crazy person who thinks covering less than a stripper is sexy. She has tons of talent, she is beautiful, hot and she seems smart but I think it’s so trashy the way she behaves, and the way she talks about other people. She dresses like a slut and wants respect. She bashes everyone, and doesn’t want to be bashed on.

  7. Lauren Said:

    I think Selena is way too much of a better person then to stoop to Miley’s level.

  8. Classy Said:

    Sounds like Miley is just being a brat! …and a sore loser! I think it’s hilarious that Selena hasn’t responded and/or sunk to Miley’s level. Her tweet was dumb. If she wanted to say that rigged voting is wack, just say it… why is she trying to make it sound like she’s not? Stop making drama where there doesn’t need to be any!!

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