Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus in a Demin Pantsuit

Well. Not only did Miley Cyrus deliberately ignore my pleas to ditch the Converse when out and about, but she spitefully wore them again, but this time with an outfit so unbearable that she could have thrown on Uggs–it couldn’t possibly get worse.

Check out the ultra-dreadful, heinously retro joutfit (jeans + outfit) she wore to dinner in Philly with Liam Hemsworth and tell me if he should be rethinking this whole “’til death do us part” thing…XOXO.






  1. lord411 Said:

    No… No she can’t and she shouldn’t ever try that again

  2. DramaRuki Said:

    oooooh sister you are so wrong with this joutfit, not only its a cheap jeans fabric but the baggie style seventees isnt actually fitting with the damn shoes. so the first part of the picture looks just fine but as i was about to scroll down i was amazed with how much she has no scense of fashonn! so ever…
    Miley read some magazones or ask someone to dress you up, you clearly have the money to do that so dont embares yourself going out like that.

  3. hsmfan008 Said:

    Holy bujeezus!
    Some celebrities I tell ya..

  4. AmiGossiip Said:

    oh my goooodd !

  5. psychokiller Said:

    Her outfit makes me want to vomit on it. Ooh, unnecessary. It can’t get any worse.

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