Caption This: Miley Cyrus

Spotted: Miley Cyrus running errands in a predictably terrible outfit–white leggings, a crop hoodie and (shudder) platform Converse.


I just…I can’t…I just can’t¬†with her. Obvs this is a hot mess if there ever was one, but let’s re-imagine her “Dimepiece” sweatshirt message. If you could brand MC with just one word, what would it be?



  1. Sandra Said:

    I know this website is a gossip site but everything you post is negative and hateful. Whoever writes these articles must be really unhappy with the life that they live to put others down so often. Unfollow.

  2. Lord411 Said:

    How about irrelevant… which MC is quickly turning… if she’s not careful she’ll turn as popular as Kristen Stewart…

  3. Nikki Said:

    Agreed with Sandra. I followed GG on Twitter when the show was big, because the tweets and posts were funny and entertaining. Now they’re just caustic and harsh. The only times anything good is focused on is when the writer’s saying how much they wish they were the subject. Can we not have something a little more positive instead of constantly asking readers how much they hate a person or asking them to come up with insults?

  4. Nikki Said:

    How about gorgeous, fearless, hot, wild, talented, care-free, perfect, ambitious, dedicated, hard-working, or SEXY. Miley embodies self confidence and she looks damn good doing it. She gives it all to her fans and works so hard so them and herself; she truly loves music.

  5. Jess Said:


  6. maddie Said:

    I love your posts. the bigs news keeps me up to date I hate these people on here making such a big deal about it if you don’t like what she posts just unfollow her.

  7. Babe25 Said:

    Brave for standing up when biotches like this website put her down

  8. Paige Said:

    I’m seriously so done with this website. I’m sick of always reading about you putting some celeb down. Get a life of your own and stay out of theirs. Unfollow.

  9. Patricia Gilligan Said:

    I think she looks adorable. She’s young, fit and hip. Wear it while you can. Haircut best move ever, just love it. It’s seems today died BLACK, BLACK long hair, with mountains of make up on (the darker the better) asses the sized of u hauls are what is being thrown in young peoples face as “beauty”. Here’s a young pretty girl, almost make up free, a toned body to die for, and such hateful remarks. Guess we need some more Kardashian photos to show us “real beauty”.

  10. Bill Said:

    “Working” Look at her and her success at her age. She’s working.

  11. Trin Said:

    She looks cute..I like the outfit..*shrugs*

  12. Lia Said:

    The outfit looks pretty fricken cute, I dont understand why everyone hates on her.

  13. Antonia Said:

    Wow DimePiece is a clothing line.. let this girl live!

  14. stacie Said:

    The words that come to my mind are entitled, spoiled rotten little shit. Dad shoulda whipped her ass a few times :) cant wait until she has a few of her own. What comes around goes around. And if her attitude towards her parents are any indication of how she’ll raise her own- I feel sorry for her! Entitled children have even more entitled children.

  15. woodsmoke Said:

    This is a gorgeous outfit. She looks adorable and her body is amazing. She’s fit, not anorexic-skinny, and her haircut looks great. Her makeup looks natural, not caked on. Her boobs aren’t fake. I can see why you guys would think she looks awful, though, since she doesn’t yet have plastic surgery and doesn’t look like a “model.”

  16. sibo Said:

    i like the new haircut.

  17. Keith Said:


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