Miley Cyrus Meets Her Doppelgänger

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if that’s the case, Miley Cyrus should be hella flattered by this girl!

Meet Jessica Villafane, a 19-year-old community college business student from Tampa who has pretty much dedicated her life to impersonating MC. Although she doesn’t have to try too hard–she’s already got the look:

Miley Cyrus impersonator


Ever since she dressed up as Hannah Montana for a third grade talent show, Jessica has realized it’s kind of fun having the face of a celeb. Throughout Miley’s career, she’s been hired to show up at birthday parties, meet-and-greets, and now, even Bangerz shows.

Just this week, Jess posed with fans outside of a concert in Kansas City and managed to actually fool a few people including a TV reporter as well as a woman who told her that her music saved her from cancer (awkward…)

But the biggest test of Jessica’s “career” was when she caught the eye of Miley herself. “She did like a triple take,” J recalled. “She was like, ‘What?’ She pointed to me in complete awe and then I pointed back to her … kind of like a mirror reflection. Her jaw just dropped and she said, ‘You look exactly like me.’”

Tell me, minions–would you be snapping your cameras if you saw this girl out and about on the street, or does nothing fool you?

Miley Cyrus In Concert - Brooklyn, NY

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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