WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Sucks on a Fan’s Thong

OMFG. Just when I was starting to think that Miley Cyrus couldn’t get any more disgusting (I mean, once you reach a certain point, there’s really nowhere else to go but the other way), I hear from one of my minions that she has in fact done something so horrific, so revolting, it actually made me turn down all of the food at tea today (which is so sad because the macarons looked beautiful).

Ready for this, loves? She shoved a fan’s thong in her mouth while on stage during her Bangerz tour this weekend. I’ll give you a second to compose yourself. It took me a few minutes myself, so I’ll wait.

Ugh… Surely this is a setup right? I would like to think hope that she and her team got together to come up with a way to get in the news again (although I’m afraid she’s confused if this is her interpreting my motto “You’re nobody until you’re talked about.”) What do you think, though? Setup or serious? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

Miley Cyrus Red Carpet for Grand Opening of "Britney : Piece of Me"



  1. Sophia Said:

    Serious defo

  2. jazmin Said:

    this scank gets grosser by the minute
    first shes acting sexual in the “we cant stop” music viedo ,then she humps robin thick , THEN she is naked on awrecking ball …… then shoves a thong in a fans mouth…….-_-


  3. Ms Alisha Said:

    I like Miley for being herself and not caring what people think.
    But this is just way too disgusting to be sharing with the public!
    Like seriously doing that in the first place is crazy but doing it do everyone to see is just a bit extreme I think!
    XOXO, Alisha

  4. dana Said:

    lekker toch

  5. Meghan Said:

    Ewww, really, just really?!

  6. Teresa Lindsey Said:

    It’s really sad to see Miley behave this way. There are so many young people who loved her as Hannah Montana. I just hope they don’t follow her now. My daughter is 13 and loved the show, but now she don’t like her at all. Grow up Miley!!!

  7. Ren Said:

    every one can get fucked miley is perfection

  8. Ariana Said:

    I feel sorry for Miley, fame hasnt been good to her and apparently people calling her derogative names all the time has lead her to actually acting like that ’cause everyone thinks bad of her already so why wouldn’t she…? besides it should come as no surprise she acts the way she does if her image is in the can anyway, thats all she knows because thats what she has been told since the beginning…just stop paying attention to her! anyway…if this is true then ewwww, miley get some limits!

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