Hot Mess: Miley Cyrus’s Hospital Gown

As an A-lister myself, I understand that one must constantly be on the cutting edge of fashion and search doggedly for styles that no other starlet has yet to wear.

But Miley Cyrus seems to have gone an eensy step too far, snagging her latest outfit from what appears to be a hospital. She wore this boxy, gauzy gown while traipsing around Philly where her love Liam Hemsworth is still filming, and I can’t help but itch to accessorize her with an IV bag or perhaps a shiny new bedpan.


Could this be MC’s worst look of the month?


  1. Dodoa Said:

    I Love Miley, I love her style , I respect her and like her music BUT THIS IS TERRIBLE : Why did she wears a horrible white dress like this ! GOODNESS !

  2. eira98 Said:

    Give her a break, will you? She’s a 19 year old girl and is already in the pressure of looking like a godhist when she goes grocery-shopping! She’s just wanting to wear a light, and covering dress that is chilling, but still wear a great beutuful bag with it so you still feel like a girl.

  3. darshini_dayna Said:

    i second that !!!!!

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