Miley Cyrus Claims Justin Bieber Stole Her Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus celebrated her Cosmo cover during a Fashion Week party in NYC last week. My spies told me that guests appropriately sipped on cosmo cocktails and danced to “Party in the USA” while the guest of honor gushed about her boy Liam and her hair… obviously.

On Her Calling Liam HOT in the Interview- “All these women are reading about sex in Cosmo, and then it’s like Liam naked in the pool,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “So he loves it, I’m sure… he’s like so happy.”

On Justin Bieber’s Participation in an SNL Skit Mocking Her- “…did Justin Bieber also have the same hair [when he appeared on the skit]? Cuz he also copied my hair! It’s all the rage, my hair, even J.B.’s got it now.”

Hmmm… there is definitely truth to Liam being hot, as well as she and JB having the same hair… but it being all the rage now? I don’t think so… nice try though, Miley. Watch the video below:


  1. ariexoxo Said:

    Is it just me, or does Miley look weird? And I’m not talking about her hair or gaudy necklace…. Maybe her teeth and drunken/coked up look she has?

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