Miley Cyrus Hair Watch: Day 8

It’s been over a week since she lopped off her perfectly decent hair in an apparent effort to look like an extra in Trainspotting. I personally assumed she’d cave and get extensions somewhere around hour 12, but lo and behold Miley Cyrus has managed to stick this awful look out, constantly tweeting photos.

Check out this new snapshot of her cuddling her dog–you can’t blame Liam for passing on the opportunity–and tell me if her look is getting worse by the day…or if it can’t possibly get any worse.

miley cyrus



  1. jammiebasket Said:

    Hair watch? really? lol…As ‘weird’ as this hair do is, it’s not nearly as bad as her acting/career choices! More money than sense this one!

  2. guiscasati Said:

    She had never looked bad!

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