WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus Hospitalized For Allergic Reaction and Cancels Two More Shows

Darlings, Miley Cyrus just cannot catch a break this month. First she lost her dog, Floyd, next she cancelled a Bangerz show in Charlotte due to the flu, this weekend she gave up her replacement pup, and now she has been hospitalized for an allergic reaction to medicine. The pop star cancelled another Bangerz show in Kansas City on Tuesday, April 15th and tweeted an apology note from her hospital bed.

It gets worse for the pop star…Apparently she has to don that non-figure flattering hospital gown for a bit longer than she expected. Just this morning, M tweeted to her fans that her hospital stay has been extended, meaning her St. Louis Bangerz show has been cancelled as well. “The hospital is sayin i wont b released today therefore I’m not going 2 make it 2 St Louis. I’m so sorry but somethings are outta my control,” she revealed to her fans earlier this morning.

Unlike the flu that took her out last week, this current illness has not slowed down her social media activity. Miley is posting as regularly as ever from her hospital bed (read: too much), and even posted a photo of herself holding a toy cephalopod affectionately named “Octopussy.” Le sigh. Even while infirm, M manages to be scandalous.

While Miley continues to follow doctors’ orders, I will hold back on my critique of her dreadful attire. I will say this though: If she wants to keep posting photos, a subtle Louis Vuitton belt would do wonders. (Yes, even I can be sweet to the bedridden.)

Get well soon, Miley. You’re such a bore when you’re not licking anything.


  1. BillyRayShouldBeCastrated Said:

    Hope she dies. Or admits she’s spyhilitic and it’s finally taking it’s toll.

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